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According to an overview of clean energy from the U.S. Department of Energy, green and renewable energy industries are expected to continue to grow over the course of the next several years. Green energy facilities are subject to the same EPA and SPCC requirements as traditional energy operations. Because of this, it’s important for clean energy operations—such as wind and solar farms, biomass operations, or geothermal plants—to consider how secondary containment systems can help create a safe working environment as well as offer regulatory compliance.

Without the proper secondary containment measures, generators, turbines, or transformers commonly used in the clean energy industry can potentially leak hydrocarbons into the surrounding environment. Secondary containment liner systems from Basic Concepts are designed to safely retain leaks and spills in order to enable clean energy facilities to comply with regulatory guidelines. To help you find the secondary containment solutions that are right for your green energy operation, here is a look at the liner systems available from Basic Concepts.

Secondary Containment Solutions from Basic Concepts

Containment Wall System with SC-3900. The SC-3900 containment wall system from Basic Concepts is a fully encapsulated wall system. The SC-3900 system provides an economical containment option that is resistant to fuel and a wide range of chemicals. Users simply stack cinder blocks around the perimeter of the containment area and then use the SC-3900 industrial coating to create an extremely durable containment wall that can withstand temperature fluctuations, surface movement and harsh environments.

Once the SC-3900 coating solidifies, it is completely free of VOCs. This industrial coating system is designed to cure quickly in order to eliminate vulnerabilities to rain or moisture. When combined with the barrier boom system or HFF passive drainage system, the SC-3900 wall container system provides reliable containment that is SPCC compliant.

Geomembrane Liner System with Barrier Boom. For facilities that require hydrocarbon filtration in sandy or undetermined subsoils, the Geomembrane Liner System with Barrier Boom is ideal. This system is designed to prevent leaked hydrocarbons from escaping into the environment and is suitable for use with green energy systems, including transformers, tank storage systems and wind farms. The Geomembrane Liner System is also able to evacuate rainwater without the need for valves, pumps or oil-water separators.

This liner system is engineered to site-specific requirements and is easy to assemble in the field. The barrier boom panels used in this liner system are designed to remove and capture hydrocarbons. In the event of a major oil spill or leak, the panels completely solidify to prevent environmental contamination. The Geomembrane Liner System with Barrier Boom can be completely installed in one to two days and requires minimal long-term maintenance.

Barrier Boom Secondary Oil Containment. The innovative Barrier Boom Secondary Containment System from Basic Concepts is designed to allow rainwater or snowmelt to flow through unimpeded but solidifies in the event of an oil release. This liner system features a non-woven geotextile construction that uses a proprietary blend of oil-solidifying backed with Agent-X to trap oil leaks and spills instantly.

The Barrier Boom system is perfect for green energy infrastructure, including wind farm pad-mounted transformers and other oil-filled equipment storage areas. The Barrier Boom Secondary Oil Containment System is also compatible with clay and vinyl liner systems in non-impervious subsurface applications.

Find the Green Energy Containment System that is Right for You

Basic Concepts is the industry leader in spill and secondary containment equipment. We supply a wide range of industrial and commercial operations all over the world with the solutions they need to protect personnel and achieve regulatory compliance. Take a look at our complete selection of liner systems, secondary containment equipment, and spill control options and find the products that are right for you.