Drip & Small Leak Containment Berms

  • Make-A-Berm™ Kits

    Make-A-Berm kits can be easily fashioned into semi-permanent, high-visibility barriers of virtually any size or shape.

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  • Spill Pads

    Designed to quickly contain minor spills during temporary storage of drums, machine parts, batteries, and equipment.

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  • Drip Berms

    Designed to capture small leaks—like oil, fuel, or other liquids—before they can contaminate the floor or ground of a work area.

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  • Mini-Berm Flex Tray

    Safe, reliable spill containment for tabletop parts, cleaning, and fluid transfer operations.

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  • Facility and Building Leak Capture

    The suspended funnelling design of leak diverters performs exceptionally well when a quick response to a leak is needed.

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  • Pop-Up Pools

    Economical spill containment option that can be easily unfolded and placed under leaky equipment to prevent spills and leaks from spreading.

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  • Storm Water Drain Covers

    Designed to be placed over a storm water drain as a last defence tool to prevent run-off into the storm water system.

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  • Wash Down Berm

    Captures and contains wash and wastewater and available in a variety of sizes, materials, and designs.

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Small containment berms or drip pads can prevent oil or other substances from seeping into the concrete floors of a garage or warehouse. For smaller jobs that involve tight spaces, a leak pad can easily fit into a cramped work area and collect and leakage from batteries or fuel tanks. To help you find the small leak containment solution that is best suited to your need, here is a brief description of the various small leak containment options from Basic Concepts and their intended applications.