• Military Flexible Containment Berms

    Heavy-duty construction provides long-term spill containment for vehicles, heavy equipment, tankers and more.

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  • Military Permanent Containment

    The Military Rigid Spill Containment System™ (RCS) is a rugged, leakproof steel containment for heavy-duty equipment.

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  • Military Bulk Storage Containment

    Safely contain military fuel bladders, hoses, and pipes with one of our options for military bulk storage containment.

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  • Military Light-Duty Berms

    Light-duty berms are the ideal solution for hazmat decontamination operations, oil spills or leaks, fuel tank leaks, or equipment spills.

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  • Military Drip Berms

    Military drip berms capture small oil leaks and drips before they contaminate the ground or create unsafe work surfaces.

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  • Military Berm Accessories

    Enhance the functionality and efficiency of your spill containment setup with our comprehensive range of military berm accessories.

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Featured Products

Military Spill Containment


Military Approved Spill Containment

Basic Concepts has worked directly with the military over the years to develop products that meet the complex requirements of today’s war fighter. Some of our many spill containment applications include vehicle and machinery drip pads, portable spill containment for generators, portable spill containment for HEMTT and 5K tankers, and flexible spill containment systems for bulk fuel bladders and fuel delivery systems.

Basic Concepts, Inc. spill containment berms offer compliant spill protection for spills, leaks or hazardous accidents. Military-approved spill containment berms and safety containment processes are necessary in almost all military and government institutions. BCI has developed and designed a variety of spill containment solutions to meet many specific sizes, requirements, and safety regulations. National Stock Numbers (NSNs) are available for many products.

Fast and Portable Military Spill Containment Solutions

Flexible spill containment berms offer a user-friendly experience when setting up, which provides fast deployment for emergency situations. Different styles and sizes of flexible spill berms are available, depending on use or application.

Bulk storage containment products are specifically designed for heavy-duty use in remote areas. Use bulk storage containment berms for storing fuel bladders, and safely containing pipes, hoses and other pumping processes.

Light-duty military-approved spill containment berms offer a light-weight construction for stowing while traveling, or for hazmat decontamination operations. BCI also provides the military with a range of maintenance spill containment products for managing and containing everyday spills. These include spill pads, drip berms, leak diverters, spill kits, spill booms and pop up pools.

Basic Concepts products are available to military and government buyers through many avenues. Many products have dedicated NSN numbers and can be procured through DLA. GSA offerings are available. Basic Concepts also works with numerous Prime Vendors and works with TLS contract holders. Contact us today and we can assist you in finding the best source for your requirements.