Flexible Onion Tanks


Flexible onion tanks provide an indispensable solution for military units, offering a portable and easily deployable method to store large quantities of water for drinking, hygiene, and field operations. These robust tanks are particularly valuable in remote or challenging locations where access to clean water is limited, ensuring that warfighters have a continuous supply of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities.

Designed for versatility, onion tanks are not limited to military use. Emergency response organizations rely on them for firefighting, flood control, and disaster relief, while construction sites use them for dust suppression and concrete mixing. Agricultural operations also benefit from onion tanks, using them to store water for irrigation and livestock.

With their flexible and practical design, onion tanks provide reliable water storage solutions in diverse and demanding environments. Whether for military operations, emergency response, or industrial applications, onion tanks are the preferred option for efficient and effective water management. Ensure your team stays hydrated and ready for any challenge with the dependable performance of BCI flexible onion tanks.


  • Water-tight zipper top provides a secure environmental seal for safe portable water storage
  • Available in 1000- and 3000-gallon sizes to meet different water storage requirements from small-scale to large-scale operations
  • Tanks and ground cloths are marked as source or waste to prevent cross contamination
  • Simple setup process requiring no specialized equipment for rapid deployment in emergency situations or temporary applications
  • Deployable on a slope up to 10%, enhancing versatility in uneven terrains
  • Includes ground cloth for protection from rugged terrains, which also functions as a carrying bag
  • Repair kit included for quick and easy maintenance
  • Meets ATPD 2344 military specifications

Full Description

Engineered for reliability in the most demanding situations, zipper-top flexible onion tanks offer secure and potable water storage where traditional water storage methods may be impractical or unavailable. Essential for sustaining warfighters, supporting disaster relief efforts, or supporting industrial operations, these tanks are ready for swift deployment to ensure a vital lifeline to clean water. Available in 1000- or 3000-gallon sizes and constructed from durable urethane fabric, they're built to endure the toughest conditions, guaranteeing the safety and accessibility of your water supply when it's needed most. With their self-supporting design, these tanks expand to full capacity during use, maximizing storage within a compact footprint. Plus, their lightweight and collapsible construction enables easy transportation to remote areas, while their low profile when empty minimizes storage space requirements. Trust BCI flexible onion tanks for a versatile and practical solution for your water storage needs.

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