Spill Pads


Spill Pads are designed to quickly contain minor spills during temporary storage of drums, machine parts, batteries, and equipment.


  • No assembly required – simply unfold and use
  • 2 1/2 in drive-over walls made of coated vinyl urethane foam
  • Lightweight 18-ounce fabric is ideal for battery storage
  • Also available in heavy-duty 30-ounce modified vinyl for maintenance applications
  • Optional grate elevates products above fluid
The “speed-bump” design of the urethane foam walls allows for easy entry/exit with no memory loss.

Full Description

Quickly contain minor spills and leaks during temporary storage of drums, machine parts, batteries, and equipment.

The lightweight, 18-ounce PVC coated fabric provides broad UV and chemical resistance. Its construction is ideal for battery storage. The maintenance spill pads are also available in heavy-duty 30-ounce modified vinyl for maintenance applications. Battery/maintenance spill pads can be combined with an optional grate that is designed to elevate products above the fluid.

No assembly to use, simply unfold and place them in the intended area of usage. Anchor berm in place using the brass grommets in each corner. Anchor stakes not included. Order optional grates to keep products and machinery above fluid. Helps comply with EPA for spill prevention (SPCC).

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Applications For Spill Pads?

Spill Pads have a broad range of applications. These pads can be used to collect minor leaks and spills that occur during oil changes or routine vehicle maintenance. Spill pads are also designed to function as temporary secondary spill containment measures for drums or barrels.

The lightweight PVC construction of these pads makes them ideal for retaining any liquids that leak out of vehicles or storage containers. Spill pads feature a PVC coated construction that is chemically resistant and will enable facilities to comply with secondary containment measures outlined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

For heavy-duty maintenance applications, a 30-ounce modified vinyl option is available that offers even more resistance to chemicals and the elements. These spill pads can be combined with an optional grate that elevates storage containers above liquids in the event of a leak or spill.

How To Properly Use Spill Pads?

When not in use, spill pads easily fold up for convenient storage. In the event of a leak or spill, spill pads can be unfolded and placed beneath the leak source. Drums and barrels can also be temporarily stored in spill pads for secondary containment purposes.

No assembly is required to use these spill pads. Pads are manufactured with grommets in each corner for anchoring, and the 2 1⁄2 in drive-over walls of the Spill Pads are made of coated vinyl urethane foam. The drive-over feature allows carts and dollies to conveniently unload drums or barrels into the spill pad without damaging the walls of the berm.

How To Clean Spill Pads?

Spill pads should be washed after they are used to contain leaks. Depending on the substances that the berm has been exposed to, the PVC coated material used to construct Spill Pads easily washes down after use.

Where Should Spill Pads Be Stored?

Spill Pads should be kept in service vehicles or facilities where leaks may occur. The versatility of these pads allows them to be deployed in response to a wide range of leaks and spills.

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