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Basic Concepts Inc. is a global leader in spill containment and environmental protection solutions. Here, you'll find insightful articles and updates on the latest advancements in spill containment technology, environmental safety regulations, and innovative practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ page offers succinct answers to common queries about our spill containment products and environmental compliance. It's a quick reference guide for customers needing clarity on product use and safety standards. 


Basic Concepts is known for smart secondary oil containment solutions that fit your specific operational needs. Get an inside look at how our solutions are applied across multiple industries, watch our team and products in action.


On the brochures page you'll find downloadable resources including product brochures, technical specifications, and compliance guides, all aimed at enhancing your understanding of our spill containment solutions.

Site Supervision

For Substation Secondary Containment Liners and Barrier Boom, BCI offers a service to assist in the proper installation of the containment system. A trained BCI supervisor will come to the substation site to advise the customer’s contractor during the installation of the liner system.


The regulations page discusses the importance of complying with government regulations related to spill containment, highlighting key agencies like the EPA, SPCC, and OSHA.

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Case Studies & Project Gallery

Our case studies page showcases real-world examples of how our spill containment solutions are applied across different industries. It includes detailed accounts of various projects, highlighting the challenges faced and the solutions implemented.