Marine Bilge Bags


The Bilge/Marine Pillows are ideal for removing sheen and oil from bilges of recreational or commercial vessels. The Polymers used increase in size to allow visual inspection of bilge for removal of spent pillow. Can be used in oil water separators, retention or containment structures and utility vaults or manholes. Environmentally-friendly, will polish sheen, unlimited shelf life, and can be disposed of in most landfills.


  • Bilge Bags are filled with BCI oil solidifying polymers and solidify hydrocarbons and oil sheen in water
  • Hydrocarbons will not drip or leach out
  • Bilge Bags can be disposed of in most landfills eliminating the "Cradle to Grave Liability" and the costs associated with hazardous waste disposal
  • Dimensions (W x D) - 6" x 6" Pillows (1 oz.)
    - 12" x 12" Pillows (8 oz.)
  • Description - Available in case packs – 6" x 6" (50 to case)
    - 12" x 12" (20 to case)

Full Description

Our Basic Concepts Marine Boom is a spill containment device for hydrocarbon spills in waters that may have currents, as well as calm waters such as harbors, streams, rivers, and tidal areas. The marine boom is approximately 3" in diameter and is filled with a proprietary blend of polymers that contain larger granules to increase the solidification rate throughout the boom. The larger granules also increase the efficiency of the boom with heavier oils while maintaining the ability to polish sheen.

Our boom is ideal for use in harbor areas or in marinas where there are fuel docks and where currents or tides are present and can be placed in scuppers to prevent hydrocarbon run-off from the decks of commercial vessels and in engine rooms or bilges to remove oil without the need to process any water. This device can also be used on land applications to prevent hydrocarbons from entering storm drains.

The outer skin is made of white (or black) spun-bound mesh and filled with larger granules and the boom, once deployed, can contain more than 300 gallons of diesel fuel.


*Always check with Local, State, and Federal Regulations prior to disposal.        

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