Rigid Containment System™ (RCS)


BCI’s Military Rigid Spill Containment System™ (RCS) is a rugged, leakproof steel containment for heavy-duty equipment. Available in fence-line or drive-though orientations to meet your specific needs.

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  • Each system is water-tested and certified as leakproof.
  • Fuel-compatible protective coating resists corrosion and will not delaminate from the steel plate.
  • No assembly required – simply position and drive equipment on it or over it.
  • Slip-resistant interior surface.

Full Description

The Rigid Spill Containment System (RCS) from BCI is a heavy-duty, single-piece construction containment system providing long-term, superior spill protection for vehicles and heavy equipment, such as fuel trucks and fuel pods. Designed to meet specific government and military needs, the Rigid Containment System provides the highest level of protection for even the toughest indoor and outdoor applications.

The fully-tested, innovative RCS design eliminates the risk of gasket failures and allows you to relocate or reposition the unit without disassembly. Different orientations are available for different requirements. The fence-line configuration can be deployed for vehicle containment against a fence, while the drive-through configuration can be entered and exited by a vehicle from both ends. Our optional integrated exterior ramp allows you to customize the unit to your needs.

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