Spill Response

  • Marine Bilge Bags

    Ideal for removing sheen and oil from bilges of recreational or commercial vessels.

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  • Sheen Boom

    Designed to collect sheen and hydrocarbons from the surface of water where there are issues with currents and/or wind.

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  • Hydrocarbon Test Kit

    Hydrocarbon Detection Strips quickly and accurately determine the presence of hydrocarbons in water and soil.

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  • Solidifying Polymer

    BCI polymers are the only oil solidifier that works on a full spectrum of hydrocarbons ranging from low-end gasoline to heavy crude oil.

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  • Rapid Spill Response System

    Designed to utilize BCI Hydrocarbon Solidifying Polymers in a portable kit form to respond to hydrocarbon spills quickly and effectively on water or the ground.

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  • Marine Boom

    Spill containment device for hydrocarbon spills in waters that may have currents, as well as calm waters such as harbors, streams, rivers, and tidal areas.

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  • Quick Deployment Boom

    Spill containment device for hydrocarbon spills on both land and water using a proprietary blend of USDA food grade polymers.

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BCI Spill Response products assist responders when they encounter dangerous and potentially harmful spills of hydrocarbons and chemicals.  The proper tools and products for responding to spills can mean the difference in effectively containing and cleaning up a spill and costly environmental pollution and cleanup.