Spill Containment Solutions

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Solutions for the Rental Industry

In the rental market the focus on regulatory adherence to environmental standards has never been greater, so it’s paramount to partner with a company that knows environmental compliance inside and out. Protecting people, assets, and the environment are what BCI is all about.

Generator Containment

Generators provide the necessary power for equipment and are commonly known to leak or spill oil and fuel liquids. Fuel and oil spills can cause groundwater to be contaminated resulting in heavy fines – Basic Concepts generator berms help protect against spills and leaks.

Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant Containment

Lubricants and petroleum chemicals must be contained when not in use. Secondary containment products from Basic Concepts offer compliant solutions for indoor or outdoor hazmat storage.

Fuel Tank Containment

Fuel trucks can pose environmental threats when refueling or providing fuel to site locations. Both can cause safety hazards in the event of a spill or leak. Basic Concepts’ spill berms provide users with fuel truck containment solutions while transferring fuel.

Decon Spill Berms

Decontamination berms are designed for emergency deployment. The Decon QuickBerm® features patented interior walls to create washdown zones that safely capture and contain contaminated solutions.

Petroleum Storage & Refining

Tank containment areas at refineries require durable secondary containment solutions. Protective spray coatings can extend the life of petroleum containment tanks while reducing the chance of oil spills and potential cleanup costs and fines.

Frac Tank Containment Berms

Frac tanks are large mobile storage containers that are typically used to store fracking fluid, process water, fuel, chemicals or other materials. Frac tanks are commonly employed in industrial operations or in any context where large quantities of liquid or materials need to be stored.