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BCI berm repair kits can be used to repair a variety of berm types. Repair your berm quickly and efficiently with the Basic Concepts berm repair kit.

Use to repair QuickBerm® products and accessories

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Repair your berm on the fly or in the field with the BCI spill containment berm repair kit that contains everything needed to re-seal your berm in case of a tear. This kit contains all the essential elements needed to repair small to medium tears. The included heat gun makes sure any tears are sealed seamlessly and without leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Berm Repair Kit?

A berm repair kit is used to fix berms that have been punctured, torn, or damaged in any way that prevents them from functioning properly. Berm repair kits are designed to save time and money by enabling users to fix damaged berms in the field. Keeping a berm repair kit in a utility or service vehicle allows personnel to quickly repair damaged berms without replacing them or bringing them to a facility to be repaired.

What items are included in a berm repair kit?

Because berms from Basic Concept are often constructed using the same materials, the tools provided in these berm repair kits can be used to restore a wide variety of berms. Berm repair kits include a heat gun with a nozzle to seal PVC coated material into place without any seams or leaks. Kits also include scissors and a utility knife for hassle-free cutting. The pressure application roller included in the berm repair kit enables users to seal replacement PVC material into place. Sandpaper is also included so that areas of the berm that have been torn or ripped can be sanded down in preparation for replacement PVC material. Repair kits come with 5-sqft or yellow and black replacement materials and PVC cement for easy application.

What types of damage can be fixed using a repair kit?

Berm repair kits can be used to repair small to medium tears in the material of a berm. The ripped PVC material can be sanded away utilizing the sandpaper included in the repair kit, and users can apply replacement PVC material to cover the ripped or torn area.

How do I repair a damaged berm using the repair kit?

The berm repair kit gives users everything they need to repair minor rips or tears in the field. The scissors or utility knife can cut away torn PVC material and cut replacement material. Sandpaper is used to prepare the damaged area for replacement PVC, and the PVC cement will attach new material to the berm. Once the new PVC material is in place, the heating gun and nozzle should be applied to the area to seal the new material and prevent leaks.

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