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Direct and Customized Solutions for Field Work

Whether you're buying directly or looking for a customized solution to your project, our team is here to help. We make sure you stay compliant, stay green, and stay safe.

Direct and Customized Solutions for Field Work

Whether you're buying directly or looking for a customized solution to your project, our team is here to help. We make sure you stay compliant, stay green, and stay safe

Generator Containment

Generators provide the necessary power for equipment and are known to leak or spill oil and fuel liquids. Fuel and oil spills can cause groundwater contamination resulting in heavy fines.

Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant Containment

Lubricants and petroleum chemicals must be contained when not in use. Secondary containment products from Basic Concepts offer compliant solutions for indoor or outdoor hazmat storage.

Fuel Tank Containment

Fuel trucks can pose environmental threats when refueling or providing fuel to site locations. Both can cause safety hazards in the event of a spill or leak.

Decon Spill Berms

Decontamination berms are designed for emergency deployment. The Decon QuickBerm® features patented interior walls to create washdown zones.

Frac Tank Containment Berms

Frac tanks are large mobile storage containers that are typically used to store fracking fluid, process water, fuel, chemicals or other materials. 

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Rigid-Lock QuickBerm®

The Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® is the best-selling spill berm on the market, setting the bar for ease of use, durability and time to deploy/stow.

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Angle Bracket QuickBerm®

The Angle Bracket QuickBerm® is an economical option as a secondary spill containment berm. Light enough to carry but tough enough for containing vehicles and more.

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Inside Support QuickBerm® Lite

The Inside Support QuickBerm® Lite is perfect for on the go service professionals. Capable of folding down to fit in spill kits and work vehicles.

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Make-A-Berm™ Kits

Protecting machinery from spills and leaks using cement curbs or angle irons can be expensive. Alternatively, facilities could use the innovative Make-A-Berm™ kits.

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Spill Pads

Spill Pads are designed to quickly contain minor spills during temporary storage of drums, machine parts, batteries, and equipment.

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HFF Berm Drain Kit

The HFF Berm Drain Kit effectively drains rainwater from containment berms, using polymer technology to solidify hydrocarbons and permit free rainwater flow.

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In the field, you need supplies fast. You need supplies you can count on. You need a team that builds specifically for your mission. That's BCI. We're dedicated to getting our warfighters in the field the equipment they require.


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What is Secondary Containment?

With 70,000 + estimated substations in the United States, many do not have secondary oil containment or SPCC contingency plans in case of a catastrophic oil release.

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