Make-A-Berm™ Kits


Protecting machinery from spills and leaks using cement curbs or angle irons can be expensive. Alternatively, facilities could use the innovative Make-A-Berm™ kits from Basic Concepts. Make-A-Berm kits can be easily fashioned into semi-permanent, high-visibility barriers of virtually any size or shape. The advantage of the Make-A-Berm kit is that it can be formed to fit the exact specifications needed in any application.


  • 2 in high wall
  • Vinyl coated chemical resistant materials
  • Drive over "speed-bump" design
  • Modular, replaceable components
  • Part No4002-00017-106-KIT
  • Description - 2" Make-A-Berm™ Kit
  • Kit Contents - Standard 2" package includes:
    • Two (2) 25' wall section coils
    • Four (4) corners
    • Eight (8) connector collars
    • Six (6) tubes silicone caulk
    • 8 oz industrial grade vinyl adhesive

Full Description

Make-A-Berm™ barriers can be constructed into a semi-permanent, high-visibility barrier that’s exactly the size and shape you need. This customizable oil spill kit is the prime advantage over ready to use containment berms.  Make-A-Berm™ is constructed of a pliable open cell foam structure, so the barrier springs back into shape after you walk on it or roll over it with a forklift. It won’t impede foot or vehicle traffic but will be totally effective in spill containment.

Installation is easy. Cut berm material to desired length with scissors or a utility knife. Add corners to completely enclosed area. Secure entire berm to floor with sealant. Section ends overlap and can also be sealed to create a liquid-tight barrier.


Follow these easy steps to assure maximum effectiveness:

  1. Unpack Make-A-Berm™ barrier to allow unit to unfold and lay flat (at least 2 hours).
  2. Floor must be clean of debris and any build-up of grease and oils removed.
  3. NOTE: Failure to do so may result in premature failure of Make-A-Berm Barrier Sealant.
  4. Cut the end of caulking top at it’s widest point.
  5. Apply 2 beads of caulk on the Make-A-Berm™ barrier approximately 1″ in from the side and ends, along the entire length and ends of the Make-A-Berm™ barrier.
  6. Place Make-A-Berm™ barrier in place and apply pressure to entire length of Make-A-Berm™ barrier to seal to floor and allow to cure for 1 hour before use.
  7. NOTE: Uneven surfaces may need extra sealant applied and also more direct pressure to ensure proper sealing.
  8. To apply a Make-A-Berm™ barrier over frost cracks and form separations, fill these areas first with Make-A-Berm™ barrier caulking. Then follow the instructions above.
  9. To make splices or attach corners to the Make-A-Berm™ barrier, simply cut enough vinyl strapping to cover area and apply vinyl cement to the area. Mold the cut piece of strapping over the area and hold in place (approximately 30 seconds).


  • It is important that the Make-A-Berm™ barrier is allowed to cure (sealant and glue) for at least 24 hours.
  • To cut Make-A-Berm™ barrier, a utility knife can be used along with a straight edge.
  • To remove Make-A-Berm™ barrier use a flat blade shovel.
  • Use silicone remover to clean Make-A-Berm™ barrier.

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