Sheen Boom


Designed to collect sheen and hydrocarbons from the surface of water where there are issues with currents and/or wind. Constructed from a high tensile screen that allows hydrocarbons to enter into the boom and be solidified by our Oil Solidifying Polymers. Hydrocarbons will not leach out and the Sheen Boom is reusable.


  • Use on surface of moving water with currents and wind
  • Sheen Booms are filled with BCI Oil Solidifying Polymer and solidify hydrocarbons and oil sheen in water
  • Hydrocarbons will not drip or leach out
  • Reusable
  • Sheen Booms can be disposed of in most landfills eliminating the “Cradle to Grave Liability” and the costs associated with hazardous waste disposal
  • Dimensions (W x D) - 3" x 25'
  • Description - Available with or without pull rope

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