• Vault & Manhole Systems

    Specifically engineered for robust dewatering solutions in substation secondary containment.

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  • Hydrocarbon Filters

    Engineered with cutting-edge technology and premium materials, our filters effectively remove hydrocarbons, oils, and other contaminants from water.

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  • Above Grade Substation Containments

    Our above grade substation containments ensure regulatory compliance and safeguard your substation infrastructure.

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  • Below Grade Substation Containments

    The Geomembrane Liner with Barrier Boom Containment System provides site-specific engineered secondary containment for hydrocarbon filtration in sandy or undetermined subsoils.

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Substation Secondary Containment Solutions


Since 2002, more than 10,000 substations have installed PE-approved, Basic Concepts secondary containment systems to comply with SPCC Regulation 40 CFR112.7; U.S.D.A. Bulletin 1724E-302: Chapter 3-3.2.2 &3.2.3; and IEEE P980 Guide for Containment and Control of Oil Spills.

BCI, previously known as C.I. Agent Solutions, manufactures and assists with installs of substation secondary containment solutions that meet regulatory requirements while saving engineers, contractors and owners time and money. Because of the reliability and consistent quality of BCI solutions, many electrical utilities have written BCI products and solutions into their standards.