Military All-Terrain Berm™


The All-Terrain Berm (ATB) is a portable secondary containment system designed to be used with large primary fluid storage devices that do not have integral secondary containment capabilities. Its purpose is to protect the surrounding environment from liquid spills that may contaminate the soil or water supply. The ATB is a structurally supported liner system that is transportable to emergency, military, or temporary applications that do not allow permanent containment areas or earthen berms to be constructed.

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  • Designed for field deployment – no tools required.
  • Deploys quickly and easily without heavy equipment.
  • Quick-set aluminum A-frame support.
  • 3-foot-tall walls.
  • Optional WaveGuard™ for splash-out prevention

Full Description

Five people can assemble the heavy-duty military All-Terrain Berm™ in the field in less than an hour – even on the most demanding terrain. Designed for the utmost flexibility and security, the berm adapts to the contour of the ground.

Use the All-Terrain Berm™ to contain fuel bags and bladders, metal storage tanks, transformers, waste materials and many other products.

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