In the rental market the focus on regulatory adherence to environmental standards has never been greater, so it’s paramount to partner with a company that knows environmental compliance inside and out. Protecting people, assets, and the environment are what BCI is all about. We understand the challenges and demands of the rental fleets, and provide the right comprehensive mix of products, product expertise, and service to help you achieve your rental profit goals. With expert manufacturing and the option to customize many of our products, BCI provides quick turnaround on custom product requests and stocking ability for that "need it now" customer. BCI’s QuickBerms® help you stay compliant, creating a safer and more productive work environment. With offerings such as our standard Rigid-Lock QuickBerm®, Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® All-in-One, Angle Bracket QuickBerm®, and Wash Down Berm, we have you covered.

Did you know that reusable spill containment berms are typically the highest return on rental in a rental company's fleet? Let BCI help you get started today!

Safety compliance for spill containment is crucial for maintaining a productive workplace. Accidental spills can result in hazardous situations, environmental damage, and disruption to operations. By ensuring compliance with spill containment regulations, businesses can effectively prevent and manage spills, protecting their employees, surrounding communities, and the environment. Best practices for spill containment, such as proper storage and handling of hazardous materials, regular inspections, and prompt response procedures are essential in minimizing the risks and impacts of spills. Implementing these best practices demonstrates a strong commitment to safety, reduces the likelihood of incidents, and enhances the overall productivity of the workplace. It also helps to maintain regulatory compliance, preventing potential fines, legal liabilities, and damage to the company's reputation. BCI’s QuickBerms® help you stay compliant, creating a safer and more productive work environment. With offerings such as our standard Rigid-Lock QuickBerm®, Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® All-in-One, and Washdown Berms, we have you covered.

Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® Key Features

  • Single-piece construction eliminates the need to manage multiple parts and pieces
  • Easy to deploy with no assembly required
  • 100% leakproof design compliant with EPA and SPCC regulations
  • Compatible with all hydrocarbons and a wide range of chemicals
  • Custom sizes and designs available

Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® All-In-One Key Features

  • One-piece design deploys in minutes, with no assembly or loose parts
  • Portable, folds and packs away for compact storage—easy to include with rental fleets
  • 100% leakproof design compliant with EPA and SPCC regulations
  • Welded in track runners to increase abrasion resistance for rolling stock
  • Increased durability
  • Longer life span, which means more rentals for you
  • Custom sizes and designs available

Angle Bracket QuickBerm® Features

  • Economical solution for stationary containment needs and long-term storage
  • Galvanized steel wire angle brackets provide sturdy sidewall support
  • Simple wall supports assemble quickly
  • Easily folded for storage
  • 1-inch top hem to add strength and prevent wall sag
  • Fuel and chemical resistant
  • Custom Sizes Available

Wash Down Berm Features

  • Lightweight construction requires minor assembly
  • Drive over containment with entry/exit designed to contain washdown runoff
  • Available in a variety of quality materials to meet your needs
  • Customized size and drainage fittings to meet specific requirements
  • Available in-house repair and refurbishing
  • Unparalleled quality and service

Suitable for many types of rental equipment

  • Generators
  • Air conditioning units
  • Portable heaters
  • Light towers
  • Vehicle or equipment refueling
  • Skid steer for washdown
  • Frac tanks
  • Pump equipment
  • Wastewater applications

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical lifespan of a QuickBerm® used in rental applications?

Normal rental activity typically has the berm lasting 3-5 years or 30-50 rentals on average. 


Is there a way to extend the life of the QuickBerm®?

Ground protection, such as ground mats and track mats can protect the life of a berm in heavy duty applications such as frac tanks and roll off boxes.
Integrated ground protection such as welded in track runners and ground mats can also help extend life in normal rental situations where rolling stock is placed in the containment.
All BCI berms are repairable, and we offer repair kits to extend the service life. 


How do I know what size QuickBerm® I need?

It’s important to understand the size of the equipment that you are placing in the berm and provide a spill berm that covers the area where spills would occur.
The size of the containment should be sufficient to hold 110% of the hydrocarbons in the equipment.
To calculate the volume of a berm, use the following formula:
V = 7.48 x W(ft) x L(ft) x H(ft) = Gallons


Can I get the QuickBerm® branded with my company logo?

Yes, the QuickBerm® can be branded with private label logos for our rental customers.  


Do you offer any sort of asset management for the QuickBerm®?

Yes, we can provide asset tags, individual part numbering, or air tag location sensors.


What is the difference between the polyethylene material of other berms and the BC2.8CF geomembrane material of the BCI QuickBerms®?

BCI’s BC2.8CF geomembrane material provides over 300% high puncture strength compared to the twice-as-thick 60 mil HDPE membrane material and over 200% better tensile strength per our coated fabric manufacturer data.  Polyethylene material has the inherent problem of Environmental Stress Cracking (ESC) as identified by the EPA. Stress cracking occurs during folding, unfolding, entering with heavy vehicles, and heavy temperature changes during these events. BCI’s geomembrane material are not subject to environmental stress cracking. BCI’s geomembrane material is the strongest, most durable geomembranes in use today. 


What are standard sizes of spill containment berms used in the rental industry?

The sizes below are some of our most common sized QuickBerms®, but we offer many sizes in between, as well as custom sized QuickBerms®.
The 6ftx10ftx8in is used mostly for general containment and small pumps and generators
The 10ftx10ftx8in is used mostly for general containment and small pumps and generators
The 10ftx24ftx8in is used for larger pumps and generators
The 12ftx16ftx8in is used for larger pumps and generators
The 10ftx50ftx12in is used for frac tank containment