Spill and Secondary Containment Solutions for the Agricultural Industry

Agricultural facilities often utilize a variety of chemicals common to the industry, including pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. If improperly stored, these chemicals can potentially damage assets or injure personnel. Secondary containment and spill control equipment can provide agricultural facilities with the containment measures they need to protect workers and comply with regulatory guidelines. Basic Concepts is the industry leader in secondary containment and spill control equipment designed for industrial and commercial operations. Agricultural containment equipment from Basic Concepts will enable facilities to safely store a wide range of substances in accordance with regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). To help you find the containment equipment that is right for you, here is a look at some of the secondary containment options available from Basic Concepts, as well as an overview of the storage regulations that apply to the agricultural industry.

How to Safely Store Fertilizers, Herbicides, and Pesticides

The Agricultural Worker Protection Standard (WPS) is an initiative from the EPA that is designed to reduce the likelihood of poisonings and other injuries among workers in the industry. Some of the facilities that WPS regulations apply to include facilities that grow or harvest food intended for commercial production, research facilities that grow and harvest plants and commercial pesticide handling plants. Facilities that fall under the purview of WPS regulations are required to comply with all safety standards in order to prevent workplace injuries. Part of complying with WPS standards includes implementing restricted entry intervals (REIs) designed to prevent workers from being exposed to pesticide-treated areas. In addition to these measures, some states also require secondary containment for the storage of bulk liquid fertilizer.

Spill and Secondary Containment Equipment from Basic Concepts

Secondary containment solutions from Basic Concepts can help prevent workers from coming into contact with harmful chemicals such as fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides. Spill containment equipment can also enable facilities to comply with regulatory requirements pertaining to the storage of agricultural chemicals. Here is a look at some of the containment options available from Basic Concepts. Rigid-Lock QuickBerm. The Rigid-Lock QuickBerm is a long-time best-selling berm from Basic Concepts. This berm features a single-piece construction that is durable enough for the toughest environments, and an interior sump area that is free of obstructions which maximums the usable storage space. The Rigid-Lock berm also incorporates a drive-over design that allows users to enter from any angle when the supports are in the lowered position. Rigid-Lock QuickBerms are available in custom sizes and no assembly is required. Outside Support QuickBerm. The Outside Support QuickBerm is a versatile containment option that is ideal for a wide range of applications. This berm features outside aluminum supports that incorporate an easy-to-fold mechanism for rapid deployment. The Outside Support berm also features a reinforced CriticalCorner design that uses wraparound diagonal welds to provide superior strength and fluid-tight containment. The rapid-deployment capabilities of the Outside Support QuickBerm make it ideal for use in emergency spill response situations. Industrial Inside-Support QuickBerm. The Industrial Inside-Support QuickBerm offers the smallest available folded storage size of any berm from Basic Concepts, making it ideal for use as an emergency spill response berm. This berm incorporates heavy-duty aluminum supports that provide reliable containment, and the berm’s one-piece PVC-coated construction is resistant to fuel and chemical corrosion. The Industrial Inside-Support QuickBerm is light enough to carry but tough enough for a vehicle to drive over, making it suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Angle Bracket QuickBerm. The Angle Bracket QuickBerm is designed to provide reliable containment for vehicles, generators, transformers, palletized 55-gallon drums, and more for stationary secondary containment needs. This berm features angled iron brackets that are designed to provide rigid sidewall support and a 1-inch top hem that will help prevent wall sag over time. The Angle Bracket Berm is chemically resistant and easily folds into a convenient storage size. High-Wall Berm. The High-Wall Berm is ideal for secondary containment applications with limited need to drive in and out of the containment area. This berm features a durable geomembrane liner construction that is resistant to abrasion, puncture and a wide range of chemicals. The High-Wall Berm is also designed to contour to uneven terrain, making it ideal for deployment in rugged work environments. The High-Wall Berm uses independent aluminum A-frame brackets to provide reliable containment in grassy, hilly or bumpy areas. It can be deployed in the field by five people in less than an hour without the use of tools.

Find the Agricultural Containment Products that are Right for You

Agricultural spill containment equipment from Basic Concepts is designed to help facilities protect workers from exposure to harmful chemicals. Secondary containment options are also intended to enable facilities to comply with regulatory guidelines from federal or local agencies. Take a look at our selection of agricultural containment solutions and find the equipment that is right for your operation.