Utility Finds Quick and Easy SPCC-Compliant Oil Containment for Mobile Substation

Substation transformers should provide uninterrupted power flow. But, age, time and ever-increasing energy demands may cause problems. A major Texas utility discovered severe infrastructure issues with one of its substations. These issues could compromise its performance and reliability. After weighing the options, the utility decided to rebuild it. This meant taking the substation offline during a year or more of construction. But how could they ensure all customers in the area would have power, without increasing the demands on the grid? The best solution was to reroute power through a temporary mobile substation. A portable 69kV transformer and regulators arrived on a mobile trailer. Like permanent substations, these units need cooling oil to operate. Thus, they must meet SPCC requirements. The utility wanted a versatile, low-maintenance secondary oil containment solution for its mobile substation transformer. Durability was also key. They decided to use a custom Rigid-Lock Fail-Safe QuickBerm®. Its single-piece construction allowed for fast and easy setup, with no assembly required – with a simple tug, the patented Rigid-Lock wall-supports locked quickly in place. And Fail-Safe® flotation devices on the entry and exit walls enabled drive-in and drive-out access for the trailer with no need to raise or lower the wall. To avoid manual draining following a rainstorm, the utility connected a C.I.Agent HFF Oil Stop Valve to the berm. Not only did this provide continued unmonitored drainage without incurring O&M costs, it also ensured all water draining from the secondary containment area was free of oil. More Case Studies

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