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Power Generator Spill Containment Solutions

BCI spill berms are designed to capture hazardous spills and leaks from generator and transformer systems.

Updated local, state and federal regulation have created the need for an easy solution to containing hazardous transformer leaks. Basic Concepts has addressed the utility sector need by working diligently with power companies and utilities to provide a secondary containment solution that meet the specific requirements of the utility industry.

Spill Containment & Compliance

Transformers and power generators, which are prone to leaking, have the ability to cause serious threats to the environment, workers and can create hefty fines from regulatory agencies. Dangers of slow drips to catastrophic oil ruptures can dump hazmat into environments and cause transformers to short-circuit. Due to the remote location of some of these utilities’, spill berms provide safety for capturing small drips or large spills.

Spill Berm Construction

Transformer and power generator berms are designed to withstand the elements of outdoor use and help meet SPCC requirements for full compliance. Heavy-duty construction allows vehicle drive-through capability, while maximizing efficiency for portability and usability.

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