Drive-Over Spill Containment

Secondary containment equipment is designed to help prevent leaks and spills from primary containment units from entering navigable waterways, harming personnel or damaging assets. A wide range of secondary containment options can provide regulatory compliance and help keep your facility protected. In addition to reliable spill containment, many of the secondary containment solutions offered by Basic Concepts feature a drive-over design. wash down bermDrive-over spill containment is intended to provide vehicles, carts, or other maintenance vehicles with easy access to primary containment sites. Heavy vehicles will not damage secondary containment units that feature a drive-over design and will retain their shape and functionality even after prolonged use. Basic Concepts is the industry leader in secondary spill containment solutions for industrial, commercial, and military facilities. To help you find the drive-over spill containment options that are right for your facility, here is a look at how drive-over containment can assist with facility maintenance, as well as the secondary containment options that feature a drive-over design.  

Why is Drive-Over Containment Necessary?

Many utility facilities have established maintenance routines that require personnel to access equipment on a regular basis. When considering oil containment systems, it is important to find secondary containment that does not impede or interfere with these maintenance routines. Drive-over containment units will provide secondary containment while also allowing maintenance staff free access to containment systems or equipment. Drive-over containment options can be particularly helpful for older substations that need to be retrofitted to comply with regulatory guidelines.

Drive-Over Containment Options

Below Grade Oil Containment. Below-grade oil containment means any containment system that is kept below ground level. For these containment systems, drivability can be achieved without the use of a berm or a ramp. Drive-over containment can be achieved in these areas by filling the below-grade area with six inches of pea stone, lining the entire area with a geotextile fabric, and then backfilling the containment site with washed stone. When retrofitting a below-grade containment area for drivability, it is important to account for the material compaction and displacement that will occur over time. Before you begin retrofitting your containment sites, consult with an expert from Basic Concepts to ensure proper installation. Drive-Over Berms. Secondary containment berms are ideal for preventing leaks and spills from escaping into the environment. For permanent containment berms, the geomembrane liner and barrier boom combination from Basic Concepts can be deployed to enable drivability for earthen berms. This combination will allow maintenance personnel to access oil containment systems or other equipment easily. For temporary secondary containment, Basic Concepts offers a variety of berms that feature drive-over designs. The Fail-Safe Milberm and the Industrial Inside-Support QuickBerm both incorporate a drive-over design that enables vehicles to move in and out of berms without damaging them. For vehicle maintenance, the Washdown Berm allows vehicles to freely move in and out of the berm for cleaning. Washdown berms are ideal for containing wastewater accumulation and washdown runoff in industrial, commercial, or military settings.  

Find the Drive-Over Containment Option that is Right for You

Drive-over secondary containment solutions from Basic Concepts will enable your facility to achieve regulatory compliance with secondary containment requirements while also providing ease of access to primary containment units. Take a look at our selection of drive-over containment solutions and find the secondary containment option that is best suited to your facility or operation.