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Heavy-duty construction provides long-term spill containment for vehicles, heavy equipment, tankers and more. Our Fail-Safe® MilBerm™ offers the best in portability and durability.

Product Details


  • Single-piece construction – patented wall-support system integral to berm provides unobstructed work space
  • Provides faster deployment – stronger structural integrity
  • Quick and easy setup – no assembly required
  • Heavy-duty fabric stands up to corrosive solvents and extended wear
  • Fail-Safe® flotation device on entry/exit walls, enabling drive-in and drive-out with no need to raise or lower wall
  • When in the upright and locked position, wall supports prevent snow and ice from interfering during a spill occurrence


    Full Description 

    The Fail-Safe® MilBerm™ offers superior protection and chemical resistance against the harshest of liquids, including petroleum, oils, greases, and most acids. Unlike floating-wall-type berms that are susceptible to wall collapse and containment failure, the patented design features a stainless-steel brace that supports the wall at a full 90-degree locked position for secure, leakproof containment. A simple push on the walls unlocks the support and lays the wall down for drive-through capability from any angle. The end walls also feature the patented Fail-Safe flotation device that allows the user to leave the entry/exit walls in the down position, weather permitting. This enables the walls to auto-deploy to the upright position using the dynamics of fluid pressure to push the wall up without allowing a spill event. The end walls also include support with locking detent to keep the end walls upright should snow or ice be forecasted.

    All military Fail-Safe MilBerms have patented wall designs that maximize usable space inside the berm and greatly reduce any tripping hazard on the berm perimeter. Reinforced CriticalCorner™ design with wraparound diagonal radio frequency welds offers exceptionally strong structural integrity to prevent seam leaks, provide fluid-tight reliability, and extend berm life expectancy. Finished hem edge on top of sidewall prevents fraying and adds strength. Each support includes a heavy-duty brass grommet for anchoring the berm under high wind conditions. Anchor stakes are not included.


    Fail-Safe MilBerm with Military Truck