4 Spill Containment Berms for Military Use


The U.S. Armed Forces operate in extreme conditions like the remote landscapes of Afghanistan and the Middle East. They also respond to local threats, such as an anthrax scare in Washington D.C. As a federally-funded entity, the military is under constant public scrutiny. They cannot afford an environmental incident or injury to soldiers in the course of responding to an emergency.

To fulfill their responsibilities and keep soldiers safe, the U.S. military needs equipment designed for military conditions that meets military standards. Spill containment berms and systems prevent fuel spills from reaching the environment.

Types of Spill Containment Berms Used by the Military:

1. Rigid-Lock Fail-Safe® QuickBerm®

Rigid-Lock Fail-Safe QuickBerms feature a heavy-duty berm construction. They provide long-term spill containment for vehicles, heavy equipment, tankers and more. Made from chemical resistant fabric, their reinforced corners prevent seam leaks.

Stainless steel braces support the wall at a full 90-degree locked position. We build our braces into the wall to maximize usable space and reduce tripping hazards. Push the brackets down to unlock the support. Each end wall has a Fail-Safe flotation device that allows users to leave the wall in the down position. Fluid pressure pushes it upright in the case of a spill.

2. Rigid Containment System™

The Rigid Containment System is a rugged, leak-proof steel containment. Military units use it for heavy-duty equipment like fuel trucks and fuel pods. A corrosion-resistant coating protects the system from chemical damage and will not delaminate from the steel plate.

The Rigid Containment Systems’ single-piece berm construction eliminates the need for assembly. Positioning and moving a Rigid Containment System is as easy as picking it up and putting it down somewhere else. Optional integrated ramps make it easy to drive equipment directly onto it.

3. Modular Channel QuickBerm

The Modular Channel QuickBerm is a portable, liquid-tight spill containment berm for hoses and pipes. Numerous components make assembly easy for any configuration. Lay a Modular Channel QuickBerm to match the desired pipe layout. Channel pieces come in standard 4-ft. widths but are customizable if necessary.

Inclined leg supports rise only 1-1/2-inches from the ground. They lock the wall, which stands 8-in. high in a 90-degree vertical position. Component pieces join together using tongue and groove closures to form a liquid-tight seal.

4. All-Terrain Berm™

Use All-Terrain Berms to contain fuel bags, metal storage tanks, transformers, waste materials and other products. Five people or less can assemble it in less than an hour - even when the terrain is challenging and uneven.

Three-foot-tall walls with protection against splash-out provide adequate spill containment for a variety of storage vessels. Aluminum A-frame supports provide flexibility and security.

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