Spill Containment for Emergency Generators

A variety of industries often require generators to supply emergency power in the event of a power outage. Generators typically utilize fuel liquids—such as diesel, gasoline or oil—to supply power. These liquids can have a deleterious impact on the environment if not properly contained. A secondary containment unit is designed to safely contain leaks and spills that occur during generator usage. Basic Concepts is the industry leader in secondary containment solutions for industrial and commercial facilities. Our spill containment berms are designed to safely contain a variety of harmful liquids in order to help facilities protect personnel and achieve regulatory compliance. To help you find the emergency generator containment option that is right for you, here is an overview of the berms that can help you safely use emergency generators.

Secondary Containment Requirements for Generators

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not consider generators to be oil-filled operational machinery. This means that emergency generators are not technically subject to the same requirements as bulk storage containers. However, facilities are still required to properly safeguard equipment in order to prevent leaks and spills of oil or oil-related products from entering navigable waterways. The extent to which your facility is required to safeguard a generator depends on a number of factors. For a comprehensive overview of the secondary containment requirements for facilities that store or use oil, take a look at the SPCC applicability rules from the EPA. A spill containment berm can enable facilities to comply with SPCC regulations or general requirements for the containment of harmful liquids such as gasoline or oil. Keeping generators in berms while in use is a simple preventative measure that can protect personnel and help facilities avoid regulatory noncompliance.  

Generator Containment Options

Basic Concepts offers a wide range of spill containment berms that can be used to contain emergency generators safely. Finding the ideal berm for your facility depends on several factors—such as the size of the generator, drive-over requirements and topography. To help you find the equipment that is right for your facility, here is a look at some of the berms from Basic Concepts that are designed to provide secondary containment for emergency generators. Fail-Safe Milberm. The single-piece construction and patented wall-support system of the Fail-Safe Milberm from Basic Concepts offers an unobstructed workspace that is ideal for generator storage. The Fail-Safe Milberm is easy to deploy and requires no tools or assembly. The heavy-duty fabric used to construct the Fail-Safe Milberm is resistant to corrosive solvents and extended wear. The drive-over feature of this Milberm allows vehicles to drive and out of the berm without damaging the walls. When the walls of the berm are in the upright position, the wall supports of the Milberm will prevent snow and ice from interfering with spill containment. MilBerm Lite. For smaller emergency generators or more versatile contexts, the MilBerm Lite is a portable containment berm that can be quickly deployed for generator storage. The tough, PVC construction of the MilBerm Lite is UV and chemically resistant. The sturdy walls of this berm use stainless steel braces that lock at 90 degrees for reliable structural integrity. For high-wind conditions, the MilBerm Lite features anchors that will withstand wind gusts of up to 40 mph. When the walls are in the down position, this also offers drive over for vehicles in excess of 11,000 pounds per tire. Rigid-Lock QuickBerm. The Rigid-Lock QuickBerm is a long-time bestseller from Basic Concepts. This berm is easy to deploy and features a single-piece construction for maximum durability. The interior of the Rigid Lock is free of obstructions—such as brackets—for easy generator storage, and the drive-over feature of this berm allows vehicles to easily move in and out to load or unload equipment. The Rigid-Lock QuickBerm is also available in custom-size options to meet your facility’s needs. Rigid-Lock QuickBerm Lite. The Rigid-Lock QuickBerm Lite from Basic Concepts is lightweight and easy to handle for rapid deployment. The tough, PVC fabric construction of this berm is UV and chemically resistant for reliable generator storage. The Rigid-Lock QuickBerm Lite is specifically designed to provide reliable secondary containment in accordance with EPA requirements.

Find the Generator Spill Containment Option that is Right for You

For over 25 years, Basic Concepts has provided spill containment solutions to military, commercial and industrial facilities all over the world. Our innovative products will help you protect personnel from harmful materials as well as comply with federal and local spill containment regulations. We offer a wide range of secondary containment products designed to safely contain spills and leaks that can occur while using emergency generators. Take a look at our selection of generator spill containment berms and find the equipment that is best suited to your facility today.