Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant Containment

Lubricants and petroleum chemicals must be contained when not in use. Secondary containment products from Basic Concepts offer compliant solutions for indoor or outdoor hazmat storage.

Petroleum and lubricants are commonly stored in IBCs, drums and polyethylene totes. Bulk storage of these hazardous materials helps operations keep vehicles lubricated for training or in-field use. Basic Concepts spill containment berms are designed to temporarily store bulk quantities of drums and totes and/or single quantities of each. Spill berms by Basic Concepts are chemical resistant to withstand harsh chemicals.

The Rigid-Lock QuickBerms® offers user with drive through capability when loading or unloading palletized drums or totes. Quick loading brackets are designed to be virtually unbreakable for heavy duty use. Meet SPCC regulations for storing or when transferring hazardous materials.

Contact BCI for more information on custom berm sizes for petroleum and oil containment solutions.