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BCI’s PolySeam spray liner attachment, in addition to your Liner, is stronger, less expensive, and installs quicker than using batten bar.

BCI PolySeam® partnership programs allow liner installers across North America to take advantage of the patented liner attachment technology. The exclusive PolySeam spray liner attachment system provides installers with a faster, more cost-effective alternative to traditional batten bar attachment.

Liner installers choose how their partnership with BCI will work. They can choose to enter an agreement allowing them to purchase equipment and PolySeam materials from BCI to incorporate the PolySeam application into their normal operations. Alternatively, liner installers can also sub-contract BCI to apply the PolySeam spray liner attachment system on their jobs.

PolySeam provides the following advantages to liner installers:

  • Pre-manufactured patented PolySeam transition strips and spray application kits
  • Spray-attached liner attachments eliminate difficult to install batten bar and manual booting around high penetration areas
  • Reduces the time and expense of traditional installation
  • Eliminates maintenance and repairs
  • Passes hydrostatic testing requirements
  • Effectively seals around any size or shape of penetrations
  • A unique selling feature for projects
  • Access to BCI technology and experience in PolySeam applications
  • Easy to integrate with other BCI secondary containment or water filtration systems

PolySeam Vs. Batten Bar Comparison

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