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Military Modular Channel MilBerm™ provides portable, liquid-tight containment for hoses and pipes.

Product Details


  • Flexible modular design allows you to form any configuration.
  • Standard 4-foot width – custom sizes available.
  • No assembly required – sets up easily in the field.
  • Proprietary design with input from the U.S. military.


    Full Description 

    The military Modular Channel MilBerm’s folding brace system features supports that lock the wall in an 8-inch-tall, 90-degrees vertical position when deployed. The inclined leg support is only 1.5-inches from the ground for mobility and ease of use. Simply pull up on the perimeter wall and the unit will lock into a vertical position. To lower the wall, push in on it and the lock will release, allowing the Modular Channel MilBerm to lie flat on the floor.

    Each section has open ends and tongue-and-groove closures that form a liquid-tight closure.