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Drip berms are designed to capture small leaks—like oil, fuel, or other liquids—before they can contaminate the floor or ground of a work area. The lightweight PVC construction of the drip berm makes it UV and chemically resistant. The replaceable, inner absorption pad of the drip berm can retain a total of 5 quarts of liquid. Once a job is done, simply insert a new absorption pad into your drip berm to collect new leaks and spills. The outer layer of the drip berm features a coated-mesh design that will trap larger debris and prevent it from entering the drip berm.

Product Features

small spill containment pad
Extended Drip Berm 24-in x 36-in
Regular Drip Berm 21-in x 23-in

Product Details


  • Made from UV and chemical resistant modified PVC.
  • Replaceable inner pad absorbs a total of 5 quarts.
  • Coated mesh outer layer traps coarse debris.
  • Lightweight, flexible, and portable – great for containing small oil drips from leaky vehicles, industrial machinery equipment, hydraulic lines, pipes, and drums.
  • Weighted bottom holds berm in place in winds up to 50 mph.


  • Description These drip pads feature replaceable, oil-only sorbent within a welded leakproof barrier. Rated for drive-over applications, pads include brass grommets in opposing corners for anchoring. Anchoring stakes not included. Pads come in two sizes; extended model is weighted to keep it down in high winds. Outer shell is reusable with optional refill sorbent packs. Helps comply with EPA for spill prevention (SPCC).

Full Description 

Drip berms from Basic Concepts feature a weighted bottom that will hold them in place in winds up to 50 mph and a welded, leak-proof barrier that prevents liquid from escaping the berm. Drip berms are rated for drive-over applications, and the berms include a grommet in the opposing corners that can be used for anchoring. The drip berm is a versatile option for small leaks and spills and is ideal for containing spillage from leaky vehicles, industrial machinery equipment, hydraulic lines, pipes, and drums.