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The VIPOR-100 SOWF dewatering pump has the broadest application because it is the most versatile – it does not require a sump or crock, though it does need a free discharge area. It is most commonly used to retrofit existing concrete moat containment.



  • Capacity > = 100 gallons-per-minute
  • Application Oil containment. Polishing and capturing sheen in the event of an oil discharge.
  • Description Plug and play installation. Simply plumb units into existing drainage systems or into substation yard.
  • Compliance The VIPOR system enables facilities to comply with EPA regulations using filtering technology that prevents and traps oil and oil sheen that is mixed into secondary containment units, underground vaults or sumps.

Full Description 

The VIPOR-100 SOWF operates similar to the VIPOR-SOWF, but at a flow rate that can exceed 100 gallons per minute. Under normal conditions when water enters the vault, it flows to the low area of the dewatering pump and vault sump filter (VSF) ring. The VSF ring filters large sediment in the water.

Rising water activates the dewatering pump. The pump moves the water up the 2-inch PVC pipe to the VIPOR-100 SOWF. Inside the VIPOR-100, small sediment (25 micron) is filtered by the 8-inch pre-filter before it enters the main chamber. This is where hydrocarbons, and most volatile organic compounds, are removed to a non-detectable level to meet federal SPCC mandates. The filtered water is released through gravity flow and into the surrounding ground area.

  • Will not pass sediment or hydrocarbons providing full oil containment
  • Automatic dewatering pump allows safe, unattended wastewater discharges
  • Saves crew time from frequent manual dewatering
  • Keeps equipment in vaults in working order
  • Ensures compliance with waste and storm water discharge requirements
  • All encased in small simple footprint
  • Three models available based on your site-specific application
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