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Military Fuel Truck Spill Containment

Fuel truck spill containment systems are secondary containment systems designed to house fuel trucks and other fuel storage containers in order to prevent widespread contamination in the event of a leak or spill.

Military fuel truck spill containment systems vary in size, design, and functionality. Some containment systems are lightweight and meant to facilitate the transfer of fuel between saddle tanks or other small fuel containers. Other containment systems, such as the MilBerm™, function as a secondary containment system for entire trucks or other heavy equipment.

Why is Fuel Truck Containment Necessary?

Fuel truck spill containment is necessary for several reasons. Fuel trucks and other fuel storage units pose a potential risk to facilities and personnel in the event of a spill or leak. Fuel truck containment units are meant to mitigate that risk by containing fuel leaks and spills to a much smaller area that can be more easily responded to in the event of an accident.

Environmental Regulations

A further reason fuel truck containment is necessary is because of environmental regulations. The EPA classifies petroleum as oil so any entity that will be storing quantities of fuel exceeding 1,320 gallons has to follow the EPA’s regulations regarding fuel containment. One of the components of fuel storage is housing storage units in secondary containment units—such as berms—to prevent spills from polluting navigable waterways as defined by the Clean Water Act.

Once a substance like oil or fuel is spilled, it poses a threat to waterways, soil, marine habitats, etc. To comply with EPA regulations, organizations must develop SPCC Plans that outline counter measures taken to guard against the widespread environmental impact of the substances being stored. One of those countermeasures involves secondary containment for fuel and other substances which is an additional reason that fuel containment units are necessary.

Options for Fuel Truck Containment

Basic Concepts has been a go-to resource for the U.S. Military for more than 20 years. Our proprietary designs are often the result of extensive consultation from branches of the U.S. Military and, as such, are designed to meet specific needs that they have outlined.

Finding the right fuel truck containment system involves identifying the specific function that the containment system will perform. Below are some descriptions of various products offered by Basic Concepts meant to assist users in selecting the fuel truck containment unit that is right for them.

Fail-Safe® MilBerm™

The Fail-Safe® MilBerm™ is a heavy-duty berm that provides long-term containment for vehicles, heavy equipment, tankers, and more. The MilBerm™ is designed to be an ideal blend of portability and durability. It features a patented wall-support system that allows the berm to provide an unobstructed workspace.

The MilBerm™ is easy to set up and requires no tools to deploy. Its heavy-duty fabric enables it to withstand solvents and corrosion, and it incorporates single-piece construction which gives the MilBerm™ superior longevity. Another feature of the MilBerm™ is the Fail-Safe® flotation device that allows vehicles to drive in and out of the containment unit without having to raise or lower the walls. All these features make the MilBerm™ an easy to assemble, easy to store, durable option for fuel truck containment.

MilBerm™ Lite

Like the MilBerm™, the MilBerm™ Lite is a portable and versatile option for fuel truck containment. The MilBerm™ Lite is designed to deploy quickly in the event of an emergency or accidental spill. It is made from tough but lightweight PVC fabric which makes it ideal for easy handling and rapid deployment.  

The military MilBerm Lite features sturdy walls with stainless steel braces that lock at 90 degrees, offering strong structural integrity. When in the down position, the MilBerm™ Lite can withstand 11,000 pounds of pressure at each tire.  The versatility and durability of this military-grade berm make it ideal for capturing overfill spills from fuel tanks and refueling operations, hydraulic leaks and breaks, damaged saddle tanks, and leaky batteries.

Military Rigid Spill Containment System™ (RCS)

The Rigid Spill Containment System is a rugged leakproof steel containment system designed for heavy-duty equipment. It provides long term, superior spill protection for vehicles such as fuel trucks as well as for fuel pods. The RCS is designed to meet specific military needs and will function in both indoor and outdoor applications.

The RCS features a slip-resistant interior surface and a fuel-compatible protective coating that resists corrosion and will not delaminate from the steel plate. No assembly is required for the RCS. Once it is put in position, it’s ready to house vehicles and storage units. The RCS is available in a fence-line configuration that can be deployed for vehicle containment against a fence or a drive-through configuration that can be entered and exited by a vehicle from both ends.