Custom Build Your Perfect-Sized Spill Berm

At BCI, we strive to help our customers create a protected, safe, workspace. Oil and HAZMAT spills happen, often in hard-to-reach places. When other spill containment solutions won’t suffice, you can turn to our professionals to craft a solution to fit your industry, space, and more. We offer a comprehensive range of secondary containment solutions across industries and applications that can be tailored to meet your organizations specific regulatory requirements and needs.

Customizable spill berm products include, but are not limited to our: Outside Support Berms®, Inside-Support QuickBerm®, and Light-Duty Berms.

Custom crop duster containment berm

Our product lines can help improve emergency response times across all industries in the event of a HAZMAT or other oil or chemical related spill. Custom sizes can range from small corner berms, to fit inside hard to reach corners where machinery may be installed, all the way to spill berms for military aircraft to ensure runway safety in the event of a hazardous spill or leak.

Custom large-scale washdown containment berm

Real Solutions for Real Spill Containment Hurdles

We understand, its one thing for our team to say they offer custom spill containment solutions and another to see it in action. Learn the background on some of our favorite custom solutions and how we can help your team scale its specialized spill containment needs.

Custom stationary transformer spill containment berm


Background: A stationary transformer mounted on a concrete pad required overflow spill protection.

Solution: The BCI team provided a leakproof secondary containment berm by engineering a berm with a square cutout which included a fluid-tight zipper to wrap around the concrete pad.

Work With Our Team

Click here to customize a spill containment berm to the exact specifications for your application. If you’re not quite ready to customize your spill containment, here is more information on why containment berms are vital to emergency response teams, or to learn about how to calculate the capacity your team requires from its spill containment solutions.