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October 2019 | Western United States

The Problem

A geodesic dome roof on an above ground storage tank had acquired failed sealing of the aluminum geodome panels due to the age of the roof and ongoing thermal expansion and contraction of the panels.  Gaps in the roof seals allowed gases to escape the tank and water to infiltrate the tank from the roof.  Because of this, our customer was faced with having to take the tank out of service to replace the seals on the geodome panels. 

Our Solution  

Using BCI SC-3900 flexible coating system, our customer was able to keep the tank in service during the repair.   The joints and seals of the geodome panels were cleaned and the surface prepared to accept the coating.  After surface prep, the panel seal areas are sprayed with SC-3900 at about 60 to 80 mils thickness and an application area of 4 to 6 inches on each side of the panel seal.  This completes the seal repair with a UV stable and corrosion resistant flexible coating that extends the service life of the geodome roof.  The SC-3900 cures in seconds and provides an instant high strength and flexible seal to accommodate the thermal expansion associated with geodome panels. 

Potential Cost & Time Savings

Using the BCI Geodome Repair method, the tank was not required to be taken out of service or emptied during the repair.  Because the panels were not removed during the repair, internal cleaning of the tank was not required.  Without the requirement for cleaning and disposal, environmental cost s and impacts were minimized.  The repair was completed without the use of scaffolding and the spray application was done safely from a boom lift.  Labor, time and down time savings make the BCI Geodome Repair method economically attractive for the customer.