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Thermal insulative coating from Basic Concepts is an innovative alternative to traditional insulation. Typical insulation used on tanks and piping in industrial facilities poses a risk for undetected corrosion over time. Traditional insulation creates the perfect environment for corrosion to occur and can end up leading to expensive repair costs and temporary facility shutdowns.

The TP-2500 thermal insulative coating system is a spray-on insulative coating designed to encapsulate ceramic particles suspended in a high-grade acrylic binder in order to provide thermal protection that is longer lasting than traditional, fiber-based insulation. To help you find the insulative coating or industrial spray coating solution that is right for you, here is an overview of the SPCC requirements for secondary containment and a look at how the TP-2500 system can help your facility achieve compliance.

What are the Requirements for Secondary Containment?

Secondary containment requirements are designed to prevent escaped contaminants from negatively impacting the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Requires that containment systems—including containment tanks, walls and basins—be regularly inspected to ensure that these systems are properly monitored and maintained.  

Whether your facility uses containment systems to store fuel, petrochemicals or wastewater, all containment systems are susceptible to wear and tear. For tanks and pipes in industrial facilities, traditional insulation methods are partly employed to prevent condensation and moisture accumulation in order to provide secondary containment.

The Benefits of Spray-On Insulation

Traditional insulation may provide moisture collection and secondary containment for tanks, process vessels and pipes, but it is also susceptible to undetected corrosion over time. One of the primary drawbacks of traditional insulation is that it is difficult to inspect for corrosion or water damage.

The TP-2500 system is designed to be easy to inspect while still providing superior insulation and heat dissipation as well condensation and corrosion prevention. The TP-2500 spray-on insulation can be visually inspected for damage and is specifically designed to prevent corrosion under insulation (CUI).

The TP-2500 Thermal Insulative System

The TP-2500 thermal insulative spray coating from Basic Concepts is intended for hot or cold applications such as tanks, pipes, furnaces, stacks and more. The TP-2500 thermal insulator is easy to apply to surfaces and will provide long-lasting corrosion and condensation prevention.

The TP-2500 system will also help to minimize personnel injuries—such as burns—that result from hot surfaces. TP-2500 features a fast-drying design with minimal overspray risk. It can also be applied to hot surfaces up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

By trapping stagnant air in a structural matrix that is intended to block thermal transfer, the TP-2500 coating dissipates heat across its surface in order to prevent substrates from absorbing heat. The innovative design of this spray coating enables it to provide an aesthetically pleasing surface finish with no seams that can be easily inspected for damage.

Find the Spray Coating Solution that is Right for You

Spray coating systems from Basic Concepts are some of the strongest industrial coatings on the market today. For over 30 years, Basic Concepts has provided spray coatings solutions to facilities in a variety of industries all over the world. Our industrial spray coatings are designed to set rapidly and easily bond to most substrates. Spray coatings from Basic Concepts are also able to withstand temperature fluctuations and surface movement.

Whether you need a spray coating that can provide reliable insulation, repair structural damage or provide protection from weather or chemical erosion, our spray coatings can help your facility properly maintain containment systems and achieve regulatory compliance. Take a look at our selection of spray coating solutions, and find the industrial coating system that is right for you.