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The SC-3900 Containment Wall System

The SC-3900 industrial-strength spray coating is a proven water-tank spray coating that provides environmental protection and regulatory compliance. SC-3900 is designed to comply with NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Section 5 2011 requirements and is approved for secondary containment by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).

For facilities that employ containment tanks to store large amounts of wastewater or other liquids, the SC-3900 spray coating system is suitable for all industrial environments and offers a 20-year life expectancy. Basic Concepts offers water-tank repair solutions that have been thoroughly tested by an ANSI nationally accredited lab. 

SC-3900 can help repair damaged containment systems in your facility and help you achieve regulatory compliance. To help you decide if the SC-3900 system is right for your facility, here is an overview of the regulatory requirements for secondary containment systems and a look at the applications for the SC-3900 spray coating system.

What are the Requirements for Secondary Containment?

Secondary containment requirements are designed to prevent escaped contaminants from negatively impacting the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Requires that containment systems—including containment tanks, walls and basins—be regularly inspected to ensure that these systems are properly monitored and maintained.  

Whether your facility uses containment systems to store fuel, petrochemicals or wastewater, all containment systems are susceptible to wear and tear. In order to prevent contaminants from escaping into the surrounding ecosystem, it is important to implement procedures and secondary containment measures that will help your facility achieve regulatory compliance.

How do Industrial Spray Coatings Provide Regulatory Compliance?

An industrial spray coating can help to reinforce your facility’s containment systems by adding layers of protection. Industrial spray coatings can add longevity to containment systems by protecting them from deterioration occurring from weather, settling and chemical corrosion. Spray coatings can also be used to seal up cracks in a containment system that could potentially lead to leaks or spills.

Because the EPA has strict guidelines about what chemicals can be used in an industrial coating, it is important to use a coating that is designed to comply with regulatory statutes. The right spray coating can help to maintain the functionality of your facility’s containment systems and prevent fines resulting from regulatory non-compliance.

What are the Applications for the SC-3900 Containment Wall System?

The SC-3900 spray coating system is ideal for use in a variety of facilities. For substation containment systems or fuel tank containment, the SC-3900 provides a reliable spray coating that can repair damaged systems and help prevent future leaks. The SC-3900 spray coating can also be used to seal fuel retention walls, storm barrier retention walls or drum storage areas.

Regardless of the layout of your facility, the SC-3900 spray coating system offers flexible containment that can be applied in tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas. Another advantage of the SC-3900 spray coating is that it offers quick installations for urgent repair operations. The SC-3900 can help your facility repair or properly maintain containment systems and achieve compliance with SPCC requirements.

Find the Spray Coating Solution that is Right for You

Spray coating systems from Basic Concepts are some of the strongest industrial coatings on the market today. For over 30 years, Basic Concepts has provided spray coatings solutions to facilities in a variety of industries all over the world. Our industrial spray coatings are designed to set rapidly and easily bond to most substrates. Spray coatings from Basic Concepts are also able to withstand temperature fluctuations and surface movement.

Whether you need a spray coating that is designed to seal up cracks, repair structural damage or provide protection from weather or chemical erosion, our spray coatings can help your facility properly maintain containment systems and achieve regulatory compliance. Take a look at our selection of spray coating solutions, and find the industrial coating system that is right for you.