Rigid-Lock QuickBerm®


The Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® is the best-selling spill berm on the market, setting the bar for ease of use, durability and time to deploy/stow. The Rigid-Lock is a single piece construction and requires no assembly. Pulling up on the wall secures it the upright position. When ready the user can simply push the outer walls inward to unlock the supports and enable vehicles to drive over the berm from any angle.


  • Single piece construction spill berm
  • Deploys quickly with no assembly required spill berm design
  • Meets EPA and state regulations for sized secondary containment
  • Interior containment sump area of spill berm free of obstructions, maximizes area usage
  • Exterior perimeter of spill berm free of obstructions/tripping hazards
  • Durable design for drive through spill berm use with reinforced corners
  • Spill berm is easily transported when folded and comes with carrying handles on all footprints 12' x 26' and larger
  • Compatible with all hydrocarbons and a wide range of chemicals
  • Rigid-Lock Quickberms® are available in custom sizes for your specific spill containment needs
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) - Custom sizes available.
  • Material Type - Flexible, durable PVC coated geomembrane liner and stainless steel brace support
  • Color - Yellow on Black or Black on Yellow

1. Unfold berm, exposing supports in flat position.
2. A simple tug locks supports in upright position.
3. Fully deployed for quick spill readiness.

Clean lines of the berm with no obstruction either on the berm interior or exterior.

Full Description

The Rigid-Lock Quickberm® offers no assembly, no parts to lose and has a clean, ergonomic design that reduces tripping hazards. Simply put, the Rigid-Lock Quickberm® is the product environmentally conscious customers will prefer to use and from the initial response, promises to take the market by storm! The Rigid-Lock Quickberm® is designed specifically to meet or exceed EPA state and federal regulations for secondary spill containment. This includes the SPCC requirements for spill containment found in 40 CFR part 112 found in the Clean Water Act.

This was accomplished by offering user friendly features like single piece construction and no assembly. The Rigid-Lock Quickberm® combines these same desired features with a fold-able right angle locking wall support that eliminates bulky, obstructive triangulated wall support braces. The Rigid-Lock Quickberm® was engineered to provide a containment berm with no interior or exterior obstructions that deploys quickly with no assembly required. One simple tug on the side wall secures the Rigid-Lock support into a firm, locked position. A simple push on the wall unlocks the Rigid-Lock support and lays the wall down. The Rigid-Lock support can be driven over from any angle when the support is in the lowered position.

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