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Reduce the time and labor associated with substation maintenance – Basic Concepts, Inc. transformer oil containment solutions require minimal maintenance.


Stress-free Oil Containment

All BCI integrated transformer oil containment systems are designed with the electric utility in mind. Our safe, compliant systems provide peace of mind by saving you from the stress that comes with an unexpected oil release. We also want to save you money, by reducing unnecessary O&M costs.

All filters, whether for a pool, a furnace, a water system or anything else, require some level of routine substation maintenance. Because our systems utilize filtration technology, they are no different. However, we developed our transformer oil containment systems with minimal maintenance in mind.


HFF Oil Stop Valve – Substation Maintenance

An excellent long-term solution for transformer oil containment, the HFF Oil Stop Valve provides passive drainage by filtering and processing water, while reducing hydrocarbons to a non-detectable level. The level of maintenance required depends on the amount of silt, dirt and oil to which the filter is exposed. Every HFF has a pre-filter to protect it from volatile substation elements. It is recommended to set up a preventative schedule as part of your regular substation maintenance plan for checking the pre-filter. Dirty pre-filters are the primary cause of flow problems.

Bury and Forget Transformer Oil Containment

Some of our transformer oil containment solutions, like the Barrier Boom walls or the geomembrane liner with Barrier Boom, are “bury and forget” applications, guaranteed to last for a duration of the life of the equipment they protect. These systems require minimal maintenance, though visual inspections should be performed regularly during routine substation maintenance, to check for exposed boom. Berms may need to be reshaped using a hand rake. In case of an oil release, only the section affected by the spill needs to be replaced.


VIPOR Oil Filtration System Maintenance

When used and maintained correctly, all VIPOR systems provide automatic, reliable transformer oil containment. The frequency of maintenance for VIPOR varies by job site, depending on how much dirt and sediment exists in the containment area that can clog the pre-filter. Some sites require less frequent substation maintenance, or only after a rain event. After the initial installation, check the system after the first few rain events. The amount of sediment/dirt caught in the pre-filter will indicate the maintenance frequency.

Basic Concepts is the world leader in the portable spill containment market because we offer high quality products that have features that customers prefer year after year! Please call to discuss your secondary containment requirements with one of our experienced, on-staff technical sales representatives. We’ll gladly supply references, comparative test data, and sample spill containment materials to help you make an informed decision. Basic Concepts is part of the Justrite Safety Group.