Our Safety and Spill Containment Products Satisfy Regulations

Specializing in a variety of spill containment and safety products to allow facilities, organizations and institutions alike, meet a variety of spill containment regulations.

Basic Concepts spill containment berms are easy to use and offer a user friendly experience for quickly containing oil, fuel and other hazardous materials. Spill berms by Basic Concepts, provide a one-piece design, which folds to a compact size for easy transportation with no additional parts or tools. Ideal for use under pallets loaded with drums, HEMTT trucks, pillow tanks, storage tanks, chemical totes, fuel tanks and easily stored in trucks for emergency response to hazardous leaks or spills.

Additional safety products by Basic Concepts, including safety cans and containers, chemical storage buildings, and smoking receptacles provide unlimited protection while transferring flammable liquids, storing bulk chemical storage or even maintaining facilities’ appearance with smoking receptacles.

Custom sizes available — call for more information.

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