The Basic Concepts Quick Deployment Boom (QDB) is a spill containment device for hydrocarbon spills on both land and water using a proprietary blend of USDA food grade polymers.

Product Details


  • C.I.Agent® polishes sheen and is reusable until the loose polymers inside become solid
  • Easy-to-clean, simply rinse the QDB and hang it up to dry
  • QDB will not drip or leach hydrocarbons
  • Can be disposed of in most landfills**
  • Eliminates the “Cradle to Grave Liability” and the costs associated with hazardous waste disposal


  • Dimensions (W x D x H) 12, 25, 50, or 100 foot lengths
  • Description Custom sizes available upon request.

Full Description 

Quick Deployment Boom (QDB) is a spill containment device for hydrocarbon spills on both land and water. The 1.75 in. This quickly deploying berm is filled with a proprietary blend of USDA food grade polymers, which encapsulate and solidify hydrocarbons upon contact.

As a spill containment device, our QDB is ideal for spills in calm waters such as marinas, harbors, and retention ponds. The berm is capable of capturing sheen by simply dragging it across the water. On land spills, the QDB is an excellent tool to protect storm drains from fuel spills that result from auto accidents and for sheen removal from monitoring wells for underground storage tanks.

The outer skin is made of white (or black) spun-bound mesh and filled with oil solidifying polymers. The berm can contain more than 300 gallons of diesel fuel. Due to its light-weight and flexibility, one person can deploy the QDB unassisted.

*C.I.Agent Oil Solidifying Polymers, owned by The Justrite Safety Group, is listed on the EPA National Contingency Plan Product Schedule as a “Solidifier” for use on oil spills in the navigable waters of the United States.

**Always check with Local, State, and Federal Regulations prior to disposal.

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Basic Concepts has the ability to customize our products for many of your specific applications. Whatever your requirements, our custom solution will be durable enough for the most stringent spill control requirements. We are committed to providing the best solution for your needs. We will be happy to customize this or any other spill berm to satisfy any of your size requirements and applications.

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