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Tire mats and ground tarps protect the berm from puncture and wear from objects lodged in tires or on the ground, respectively.

Product Details


  • 2 styles available – heavy-duty coated polyester for heavier vehicles/use or economical and lightweight coated vinyl for lighter vehicles or infrequent use
  • Non-absorbent material won’t get soggy
  • Use with all drive-through berms
  • Standard and custom sizes/shapes available


Product Features

Light-duty ground and track berm guards used for lighter weight vehicles.

Full Description 

Ground mats – Create a smooth, uniform deployment area with this heavy-duty woven fabric. Place under berm for improved wear resistance.

Track mats – Place inside the berm for extra protection along tire paths. Thick, durable black woven fabric protects floors and walls from abrasion caused by skidding, turning, and braking.