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Chemical containment liner systems are products vital to the prevention of chemical leaks and spills from tanks, basins and holding ponds into the environment.

Product Details


  • Geotextile cloth precision coated to exact thicknesses
  • Impermeable layer of modified spray elastomer
  • Seamless system when complete
  • Customizable color and thickness to meet any project
  • Highly UV resistant
  • Rapid installation
  • Withstands light vehicle traffic


GC-2100 Product Sheet


  • Application Earth and berm containment, petrolatum tank farms, water treatment holding ponds, wastewater runoff basins, and more

Full Description 

GC-2100 is a pre-fabricated liner system that utilizes a spray applied attachment method instead of traditional heat welding. This method of attaching the panels together results in 30-40% thicker liner to liner interface, creating a strong, seamless liner system when complete. GC2100 can be designed in varying lengths and thicknesses to meet each projects dimensional and chemical resistant needs.

The GC-2100 liner creates an impermeable protective layer between the environment and hazardous fluids commonly found in oil and gas, mining, and industrial sites. It provides protection against leaks or spills from tanks, pipes and other vessels-simplifying or eliminating the need for remediation.

A single layer of GC-2100 is required instead of multiple layers of HDPE. GC-2100 lays flat for an easier installation than alternative liners, reducing trip hazards and improving site safety and spill containment. For high traffic applications, GC-2100 can be imbedded with a durable non-slip surface further enhancing its superior performance.

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