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Product Details


  • Fast setting to allow final coating thickness to be achieved in one application.
  • 100% solid, no solvents, and zero VOCs.
  • High-dry-temperature-stability-to-250°F-(121°C)-with intermittent temperatures to 300°F (148°C).
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • High elongation for bridging cracks.
  • Excellent encapsulation characteristics.


  • Load-Bearing Capacity > 3,900 psi (27 MPa)
  • Application Coating for all types of steel infrastructure, including pipes, bridges, power line poles and structures, transportation and rail systems, as protection from corrosion; concrete tank, floor, pond, dike, tunnel, and bridge lining; existing membrane repair; asbestos and lead encapsulation; onshore and offshore marine and high salt corrosion protection; and more.
  • Compliance Compliant with FDA/USDA for incidental food contact. Contact BCI for more information.
  • Packaging This product is sold in standard 110 gallon drum sets and 550 gallon tote sets. Available in other container sizes.
  • Color SC-3900 UB is available in standard colors (Sand, Medium Grey, and Black). Custom colors available upon request.

Full Description 

SC-3900 UB is a fast-set, high performance, spray-applied, plural component, 100% pure urea-based elastomer. This system is based on amine-terminated polyether resins, amine chain extenders, and prepolymers. It provides a cost effective flexible, tough, resilient monolithic membrane with water and chemical resistance.

SC-3900 UB is available with cutting-edge Ultra Bond™ technology. Advanced Ultra Bond™ chemistry is coined “the duct tape molecule”. Ultra Bond™ has the unique advantage of adhering to most properly prepared organic and inorganic (new and aged) surfaces without requiring a primer. Like duct tape, SC-3900 UB with Ultra Bond™ gains adhesion over time.

As with most coatings, there is a re-coat window that presents a lack of inter-coat adhesion. The UB™ molecule mitigates this risk during installation.