The Hydro Sheen Filter is an alternative solution to expensive and labor-intensive water filtration systems.

Product Details


A portable secondary containment filtration system that incorporates the patented Agent-Q fabric. The Agent-Q fabric is a hydrophilic spunbond, non-woven fabric with oil-solidifying polymers embedded between quilted layers. The Agent-Q fabric allows water to flow through the Hydro Sheen Filter but traps oil and oil sheen.

  • Heavy-duty, flexible, chemical resistant urethane collars for quick and easy installation.
  • Exterior of filter is highly visible UV resistant coated mesh that is abrasion resistant, anti-fungal and mildew, flame retardant, Phthalate-free, antimicrobial and has a high tensile strength.
  • Agent-Q will solidify hydrocarbons in temperatures ranging from -30 to 130 F.


  • Capacity The flow rate for a 2 inch x 12 inch filter with 12-inch water head in vertical position is 11.29 GPM (677.4 GPH). The flow rate for a 2 inch x 12 inch filter with 12-inch water head in horizontal position is 7.91 GPM (474.6 GPH).
  • Approv/Lstg Regulation Filter medium is Agent-Q (US Patent 8,986,822). Filter contains about 120 grams of oil solidifying polymers.

Full Description 

The Hydro Sheen Filter is the ideal filtration device for polishing sheen from indoor or outdoor water discharge operations of portable secondary containment, spill berms, spill pallets and more.

Other wastewater treatment options require constant monitoring, but the Hydro Sheen Filter is equipped with a hydrocarbon detection strip that will turn blue when the Hydro Sheen Filter needs to be changed. The Hydro Sheen Filter can easily fit over a threaded or unthreaded outlet pipe, and the accompanying pre-filter conveniently fits onto the inside discharge drain.

Read more about the Hydro Sheen Filter.

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