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Product Details


  • Installs in the most extreme conditions
  • Delivered to your site and then cut to desired length for seaming application.
  • Sections are then seamed into place using traditional welding methods.
  • Attachments are then made from HDPE or XR-5 to tank ring walls, wall, pipe supports or any other penetration.
  • Once XR-5/HDPE transition strip is in place, existing liner system is attached using our spray applied coating system to the containment penetrations.


  • Application Apply to steel sheeting, concrete, pipe supports, and more

Full Description 

The introduction of BCI’s patented PolySeam® system creates a fast and cost-effective alternative to traditional batten bar attachments. Utilizing XR-5 or HDPE, the PolySeam® system replaces maintenance and repairs needed to maintain integrity of the batten bar method of attachment — for a virtually maintenance-free system. Installs faster and is more durable, saving thousands of dollars in installation costs, and it installs in the most extreme conditions.