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The EVAC Lite offers all the benefits of the EVAC Filtration System, but does not include the fitting or the bucket. It provides the flexibility to be used with any type fitting if secured in place by zip ties.

  • 4-layer state-of-the-art filtration media absorbs hydrocarbons, removes large and fine sediment, and polishes the water.
  • Hydrocarbon Solidifier Pillow captures the sheen and light hydrocarbons.
  • Does not include the fitting or the bucket.


  • Dimensions (W x D x H) EVAC Filtration Systems measures 12" x 57", EVAC Filter measures 12" x 50"
  • Description Flow Rate: 150+ GPM depending on the pump used. Flowrate diminishes as filter becomes laden with sediment. We suggest you use a centrifugal pump that generates around 10 PSI.
  • Compliance Listed on the EPA National Contingency Plan Product Schedule as a “Solidifier” for use on oil spills in the navigable waters of the United States.
  • Absorbency Capacity Gal (L) Filter constructed of a non-woven geotextile that is lipophilic (adsorbs 10 times its weight in hydrocarbons), is hydrophobic, and exceeds MARV 97.7%

Full Description 

EVAC Filtration System uses state-of-the-art filtration technology to remove suspended solids and light sheen from water discharge operations in vaults, manholes, bilges, tanks, elevator shafts and more. Its unique three layer system adsorbs hydrocarbons, removes large and fine sediment, and polishes the water.

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Basic Concepts has the ability to customize our products for many of your specific applications. Whatever your requirements, our custom solution will be durable enough for the most stringent spill control requirements. We are committed to providing the best solution for your needs. We will be happy to customize this or any other spill berm to satisfy any of your size requirements and applications.

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