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    Inside Support QuickBerm® Lite

    The Inside Support QuickBerm® Lite is perfect for on the go service professionals. Capable of folding down to fit in spill kits and work vehicles, while still remaining capable of providing the type of spill containment found from larger models.

    Inside Support QuickBerm® Lite

    Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® Lite

    Portable, versatile containment berm deploys quickly for emergency spill response.

    Rigid-Lock QuickBerm®Lite

Designed for Emergency Situations

The ideal portable spill containment solution for hazmat decontamination operations, oil spills or leaks, fuel tank leaks, or equipment spills. Extremely lightweight, Basic Concepts Lite-Duty Berms are compact and easy to fold and transport, allowing them to be stowed in small places. With a user-friendly design, Lite-Duty Berms can be deployed in seconds.

Custom sizes available — call for more information.

Compare Lite-Duty Berms

Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® LiteInside Support Decon QuickBerm®QuickBerm® Lite
Wall Height8″ & 12″8″8″ & 12″
Easy Assembly
Trip Hazard
Support StyleRigid-LockRigid-LockInternal Diagonal Support
Maximize usable internal floor space
Chemical Resistant
Custom Sizes AvailableYesYesYes