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    Industrial Spray Coating System, SC-3900

    SC-3900 is a high strength flexible coating that can used on a wide variety of substrates. With 3900 psi tensile strength and 300% elongation properties, SC-3900 is a good choice for concrete and steel applications that require strength and flexibility. Typical uses are concrete crack repair in secondary containment systems, internal tank coatings, loading rack containment and rehabilitation of rail track pans.

    Industrial Chemical Coating System, CR-3000

    CR-3000 is a high strength flexible coating with excellent corrosion resistance properties. CR-3000 is suitable for secondary containment and full immersion of various fuels and acids. Typical uses are internal tank coatings, spill containment with direct chemical contact, water treatment applications and leachate runoff tanks.

    Liner System, GC-2100

    GC-2100 is a pre-fabricated liner system that utilizes an SC-3900 spray applied attachment method instead of traditional heat welding. This method of attaching the panels together results in 30-40% thicker liner to liner interface, creating a strong, seamless liner system when complete. Typical uses are fuel farm secondary containment, water treatment holding ponds, runoff basins and large scale secondary containment systems.

    Polyseam Attachment Liner

    PolySeam liner attachment system is a faster, more cost-effective alternative to traditional batten bar liner attachment. PolySeam transition strips allow XR-5 or HDPE containment liners to utilize SC-3900 spray attachment methods for terminating liners into containment walls and around difficult to seal penetrations. Typical uses are terminating liners into concrete pads, tank ring walls and sealing around conduits, tank ring walls, structural steel and pipe supports.

    Total Release Annular Protection System (T.R.A.P.S.)

    The Total Release Annular Protection System is used for new and existing storage tanks that require overfill protection. Meeting the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Agency requirements of 5 minutes of maximum pumping capacity, the system continuously monitors a containment area for hydrocarbons. If hydrocarbons are present, the system can notify personnel and close containment valves.

    Thermal Insulating TP-2500

    TP-2500 insulating coating provides an alternative to traditional insulation. Using a microscopic matrix of air-encapsulated ceramic particles suspended in a high-grade acrylic binder, it provides thermal protection that surpasses fiber-based insulation materials and prevents corrosion under insulation. Typical uses are insulation of heated storage tanks, process piping insulation and personnel protection from heated equipment.

Basic Concepts Inc. specializes in fuel storage containment coatings systems within the petroleum storage fuel terminal industry, railroad industry, and wastewater/water industry. For more than 30 years, customers have trusted our expertise to provide customized solutions to meet their environmental compliance issues. BCI combines its market leading, patented spray technology with versatile containment options and water filtration systems. Our proven expertise in secondary containment and coatings allows us to offer an expansive portfolio of products and services from a single source, ensuring the best possible solution tailored to your application, while complying with applicable environmental regulations.