Acoustic Sound Reduction Curtain


All Noise Reduction Barriers are available in multiple size panels and may be combined for larger configurations. Curtains are single-panel and able to be installed by one user. All panels meet fire rating NFPA 701. Custom sizes and thickness also available.


  • Fire-resistant: Meets NFPA 701
  • Water-resistant: Incorporate water resistant technology of the highest integrity
  • Non-irritant: Safe to handle without the need for protective clothing
  • Hook-and-loop fasteners: Patented design enables a virtually unbroken noise barrier
  • Quick installation: Simple for one to two qualified personnel to install and erect

Full Description

Sound Barriers

Noise pollution that results from construction or maintenance can be dangerous and disruptive to commercial and residential areas. If workers or members of the public are in close proximity to loud sounds—like jackhammers or concrete saws—without the proper protection, they could be at risk for hearing damage. Even at safe distances, loud noises can still be a nuisance for homes or offices in the immediate vicinity.

Sound barriers from Basic Concepts can help protect personnel from the impacts of noise pollution. Noise reduction barriers can be deployed at the source of loud sounds in order to mitigate the intrusion of noise pollution into the surrounding environment. Noise safety quilts and curtains are easy to install and are ideal for protecting people from the harmful effects of noise pollution.

How Does A Sound Barrier Work?

Decibel value (dBA) is the expression used to represent the relative loudness of various sounds as they are perceived by the ear. A typical conversation takes place at around 60dBA, and a blender that is 3 feet away is about 90dBA. Every 10 points of dBA represents a doubling of the perceived sound. So, a blender would be about eight times louder than a conversation.

Noise reduction barriers are able to absorb sound energy and reduce the overall dBA that escapes into the surrounding environment. When a sound barrier is placed between loud construction equipment like a jackhammer, the overall effect can be a 50% reduction of the noise emitted. The result would be that the jackhammer sounds more like a household blender when the sound is perceived through an acoustic barrier.  

How To Install A Sound Barrier

Sound barriers—such as Acoustic Sound Reduction Curtains or Acoustic Sound Reduction Quilts—feature a modular design that allows them to be fitted together in any setting. Each panel is fitted with eyelets that allow them to be fastened to fencing or scaffolding. To eliminate gaps, users can overlap the panels and create a completely insulated sound barrier.

Find the Sound Barrier That is Right for You

As manufacturers of Soundex® superior noise control products, Basic Concepts offers a range of noise reduction equipment that can reduce noise pollution and protect against hearing loss. To help you find the sound barrier that is best suited to your needs, here is a description of the noise control solutions from Basic Concepts.  

Acoustic Sound Reduction Quilt. Noise reduction quilts are multi-panel sound barriers. Because of the size of the panels, acoustic barriers require a team of personnel to install. The panels are constructed with a non-irritant material and are safe to handle without gloves. The material used on these panels is water resistant and meets fire rating NFPA 701 specifications.

The patented hook-and-loop fasteners allow for easy installation and a virtually unbroken noise barrier. The metal grommets can be attached to fencing or scaffolding for rapid deployment, and custom sizes and thickness are available. These barriers are ideal for noisy construction sites or any area where noise pollution can intrude into commercial or residential areas.

Acoustic Sound Reduction Curtain. Sound barrier curtains are smaller single-panel noise reduction barriers that can be installed by one person. The non-irritant material used to manufacture these acoustic curtains allows users to handle them without gloves. The panels are water resistant and comply with NFPA 701 fire rating specifications.

Acoustic sound curtains are available in custom sizes and thicknesses, making them ideal for any work area with potential noise pollution. The metal grommets allow for easy installation and the patented hook-and-loop fasteners are designed to create a virtually unbroken noise barrier. Sound reduction curtains are ideal for preventing noise pollution from escaping noisy construction sites in commercial or residential areas. 

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