Decontamination Shower Berm


For emergency deployment, these multi-stage berms with patented interior walls create wash down zones that safely capture and contain contaminated solutions.


  • Shipping Weight - 19
  • Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H) - 72" W x 8" H x 120" L
  • Interior Dimensions (W x D x H) - 72" W x 8" H x 120" D
  • Capacity - 299 gallons
  • Description - Portable two-zone decon station help prevent environmental contamination
     - Single-piece construction—patented inside wall-support system forms watertight wash down zones
     - Quick and easy setup—no assembly required
     - Durable EnGuard™I, modified PVC coated fabric withstands long-term UV exposure
  • Material Type - PVC coated fabric
  • Color - Black

Full Description

Select from two-, three-, or four-zone models. Watertight, lightweight EnGuard™I, modified PVC coated fabric provides wide range of chemical resistance. The 8-inch (203-mm) walls allow for easy entry and exit of the compartments. One ¾-in GHT drain fitting per zone. Order optional grates to keep personnel above liquid.

Decontamination Berms

In emergencies involving the cleanup or disposal of hazardous materials, decontamination berms provide wash-down areas that trap harmful substances. Decontamination berms are multi-chambered, wash-down units that can be used to create multiple wash-down zones during decontamination, or they can be used to retain multiple substances and keep them separate.

When hazardous materials are released, they pose a threat to people and the environment. Decontamination berms are an essential component of the response effort whenever there is a leak or spill involving dangerous substances.

These specialized berms are often deployed in response to large-scale biological, chemical, nuclear, and radiological events. Decontamination berms are used to protect first responders and are ideal for use in fire departments, hazmat-response teams, and CST teams.

How Do Decontamination Berms Work?

In the event of a leak or spill involving hazardous materials, first responders who have encountered dangerous substances must be decontaminated. Wash-down berms provide an area where personnel can safely enter while they are sprayed down. As workers are rinsed, the chemicals or waste they have come into contact with drip down into the decon berm.

Decontamination is typically a multi-step process that requires more than one zone of decontamination. The advantage of using hazmat berms from Basic Concepts is that our berms incorporate interior walls that allow users to create multiple wash-down zones without having to deploy more than one berm.

The chemically resistant fabric used to construct decon berms will retain harmful liquids and prevent them from escaping into the environment. Berms used for decontamination can also be combined with optional grates to elevate personnel above harmful liquids during wash downs.

Find The Decontamination Equipment You Need

Basic Concepts offers a wide range of equipment designed to assist with the decontamination and disposal of hazardous materials. Here is a breakdown of our most popular decontamination berms and equipment to help you find the decontamination solutions that are best suited to your needs.

Decontamination Shower Berm. For work or spill sites where contaminants are present, Decontamination Shower Berms can create multiple wash down zones that safely capture and contain hazardous materials. Each zone of the decon shower berm is designed to allow workers to be sprayed while contaminants drip down into the berm. Optional grates are available that will keep personnel elevated above harmful liquids during rinsing. These wash-down berms are available in 2-, 3-, and 4-zone models.

Shower berms are constructed using a watertight, lightweight EnGuard™I, modified PVC coated fabric. Decon shower berms are made from a single piece of material that incorporates patented inside-wall supports that seal the berm and prevent leakage. When not in use, wash-down berms easily fold down for compact storage. No assembly is required to deploy these berms, enabling users to rapidly deploy them in case of emergencies.

The 8-inch walls of the shower berm allow for hassle-free entry and exit. For heavy-duty environments, users can add multiple decontamination zones to ensure that all hazardous materials are eliminated. The shower berm has a 299-gallon capacity and a drain fitted into each zone for easy disposal of liquid waste. The Decontamination shower berm is ideal for emergency deployment during the cleanup or disposal of hazardous material.

Decon QuickBerm®. The multi-stage Decon QuickBerm® is the ideal solution for a variety of decontamination situations. The patented interior walls of this berm fold up, allowing users to create multiple wash-down zones for trapping and separating different liquids. The QuickBerm can be used as a staging berm prior to decontamination showering or as a retention berm for trapping hazardous materials during rinsing.

The watertight, lightweight PVC coated fabric is chemically resistant, making the Decon QuickBerm easy to transport. The inside or outside brace support allows the berm to be quickly deployed in emergencies. When not in use, the QuickBerm can be broken down and compactly stored. Optional grates that function as platforms to keep personnel elevated above liquids are available, and drains are fitted into each zone of the berm for easy disposal of hazardous liquids.

The Decon QuickBerm is equipped with 8-inch walls that allow personnel to enter and exit quickly. For emergency situations involving the cleanup or disposal of hazardous materials, these berms will offer a wash-down area that will keep first responders and other personnel from coming into contact with dangerous substances.

Decon Grating. In emergency situations where responders are working to clean up or dispose of dangerous substances, Decontamination Gratings offer a non-slip, chemically resistant platform that will keep workers elevated above liquids during rinses and wash-downs.

These grates are available in multiple sizes and are compatible with Decon Berm QuickBerms, the Sentry LiteTM, and Maintenance Spill Pads. Decon grating will keep first responders from coming into contact with hazardous materials and are ideal for use in any situation where personnel or equipment needs to be elevated during wash-downs or decontamination.

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