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All-terrain berms and storage bladders designed for military applications from Basic Concepts are secondary containment solutions designed to perform in rugged conditions. Military installations are often located in hard-to-reach areas with little to no infrastructure that can provide fuel or water storage options.

Bulk storage containment refers to a range of equipment designed to store fuel and water safely or to secure the equipment used to store these substances in a manner that complies with secondary containment regulations. This guide will explore the regulations that apply to military bulk storage and outline the various products designed for bulk storage and containment in military installations.

Secondary Containment Regulations

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced requirements in accordance with the Clean Water Act that are meant to prevent pollutants from reaching navigable waterways and the surrounding environment. Facilities that store more than 1,320 gallons in containers of 55 gallons or larger, or total underground tank capacity of more than 42,000 gallons, are subject to these regulations and are required to have a Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan in place.

Part of what an SPCC plan outlines is the preventative measures that have been taken to mitigate leaks and spills. The mitigating procedures in an SPCC plan include secondary containment units like berms or basins designed to retain spills and prevent liquids from escaping into the environment.

Bulk Storage Containment Options

Basic Concepts offers a wide range of equipment designed to meet compliance for secondary containment and safely store large amounts of water or fuel. Bulk storage equipment manufactured for military applications incorporate design features that enable them to function in rugged environments worldwide.

Military All-Terrain Berm™. The All-Terrain Berm is a portable solution for storing fuel bladders, tanks, or other substances in any environment. This berm can be deployed in less than an hour by a team of five people in even the most rugged terrain. The individual aluminum A-frames of the All-Terrain Berm allow the containment unit to adapt to the ground’s contour.

No tools are required to deploy this containment unit. The 3-foot walls of the All-Terrain Berm enable it to retain large amounts of liquid in the event of a leak or spill. An optional WaveGuard™ add-on is available for maximum splash-out protection. Using this heavy-duty berm will enable facilities to safely store bladder and fuel tanks while meeting secondary containment requirements.

 Modular Channel Milberm™. Military installations frequently use hoses and pipes to transport oil or other liquids from one location to another. The Modular Channel Milberm offers portable, liquid-tight containment for hoses and pipes. This berm features a flexible design that allows it to conform to the contour of rugged terrain. No assembly is required to deploy the Milberm. Users simply place hoses or pipes inside and then seal the berm for a liquid-tight containment.

The Modular Channel Berm features a folding brace system with supports that lock the wall in an 8-inch-tall, 90-degrees vertical position. Pushing on the outer wall will release the locks and allow the berm to be quickly folded up and stored. The Milberm comes in a standard 4-foot configuration with custom sizing available.

Military Pillow Tank and Flexible Storage Bladders. Pillow tanks and storage bladders store liquids like water or fuel on a temporary or long-term basis. The Pillow Tank from Basic Concepts is easy to deploy and folds up for compact storage when not in use. These storage bladders are constructed of high-quality, first-grade fabric coated materials for maximum durability.

All pillow tanks are air tested before distribution to ensure optimal functionality. The Pillow tank can be custom fitted to place fill and drain assemblies anywhere they are needed for ease of access. Ideal applications for pillow tanks and storage bladders include plant shut down maintenance, emergency water storage, military operations blivets, storage of bilge liquid waste, potable/grey water storage, and chemicals or fuel storage.

Find the Military Containment Solutions That are Right for You

For over 25 years, Basic Concepts has provided reliable secondary containment and bulk storage options to military installations worldwide. In addition to bulk storage, BCI offers a wide range of flexible containment berms, light-duty containment berms, and permanent containment options that are often designed in consultation with representatives from the U.S. Military.