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Basic Concepts offers a range of military-grade industrial coating solutions. Protect your supply chain and keep your infrastructure in good repair. 

Our priority is exceeding the military’s coating and containment needs. Because our industrial spray coatings are known for their strength, they’re ideally suited for everything from containment to geodesic dome repair to fuel trench repair and improvements. Our coating is durable, flexible, and efficient, setting rapidly and bonding quickly to a wide range of different substances. 

Our spray coating bridges and fills gaps in concrete, providing impervious containment and allowing for the repair of geodesic domes. For fuel containment, our high-strength coating system works with many different substrates, while our patented liner connection offers significant time savings, requiring no drilling, anchors, or cracked concrete, while also offering resistance against freezes and thaws. 

Finally, our sealant works to seal cracks and void in fuel trenches, offering durable repairs with minimal downtime and a long life expectancy.

To inquire about the purchase and application of spray coating from Basic Concepts Inc., fill out our quick order form and one of our professional sales associates will contact you about your request. 

The Importance of Military Efficiency

A military spill containment solution in use. Whether you’re in the Army, the Navy, the Marines, the Air Force, or the Space Force, you need your infrastructure to be functional the moment you need to use it. Especially in a time of crisis, every second is critical. Even a slight delay caused by a minor fault — a cracked fuel trench, an inoperable fuel system, or a damaged runway — can have dramatic and far-reaching consequences.

Unfortunately, repairing and maintaining the specialized structures often used on military sites can be both complex and costly. Traditional caulking and sealants often aren’t up to the task. They simply aren’t designed to handle the movement, pressure, and temperature fluctuations, to say nothing of the fuels and chemicals with which they often come into contact.

In order to both reduce cost and maximize efficiency, you need to make sure your systems are properly maintained. Choosing the right sealants and coating is a critical first step. BCI understands that, which is why we offer myriad solutions designed so that military engineers can keep things up and running when it matters most. 

Military Fuel Containment

As mentioned, standard sealants are unsuitable for repairing the concrete in fuel containment and fuel storage systems. The materials in these scenarios are constantly under extreme stress, frequently exposed to damaging chemicals, considerable pressure, and regular temperature fluctuations. And this is in addition to the standard settling and aging concrete ordinarily experiences. 

A military fuel containment spray coating.BCI’s SC-3900 sealant is designed with this in mind. With over 3900 PSI tensile strength and 300 percent elongation, it moves with shifting concrete, providing long-lasting, durable protection. Easy to apply and quick to set, it helps to ensure minimal downtime when repairs need to be done. 

Designed for the repair of containment systems, SC-3900 is also ideal for truck loading racks, fuel loading areas, and expansion joints and cracks. Compatible with many different substrates and with products that address both full immersion and secondary containment, it’s highly abrasion resistant, protects against freezes and thaws, and prevents damage from drips and spills while fueling. We can also apply it with an anti-skid option to protect personnel from slips, trips, and falls. 

Geodesic Dome Repair

Although they’re most commonly used to protect aboveground storage tanks in the oil and gas industry, geodesic domes also see extensive use in the military, containing fuel for everything from transport trucks to jets and tanks. Unfortunately, these structures don’t last forever. Over time, the seals between the dome’s aluminum panels begin to wear out, allowing hazardous materials to seep out and contaminants to enter the tank.

A geodesic dome with spray coating to seal cracks. Replacing the panels on these domes is time-consuming, expensive, and labor-intensive. Sealing the gaps with tape is barely a solution, and caulk is only a short-term fix; both will inevitably fail due to either weather or structural movement. Just as it can seal up cracks in the concrete of containment systems, BCI’s SC-3900 and CR-3000 spray coating are both excellent options in the repair of geodesic domes.  

Considerably stronger and longer-lasting than tape while also highly resistant to chemical and corrosive vapors, both coatings can be applied without having to take a tank offline. Once the coating has dried, it then moves with the geodesic dome’s roof, substantially reducing the likelihood of further gaps. In other words, you no longer need to worry constantly about repairs or replacements. 

It’s already handled, thanks to the sealant’s high tensile strength and 100% elongation.

Liner Connections

A fuel liner connection to prevent leaks.Liner installation can be costly and challenging, often requiring extensive drilling and anchors to ensure the batten bar attachment stays in place. Not only that, batten bars require constant maintenance to keep the joint sealed, and frequently suffer from leaks. To make matters worse, it’s impossible to seal a batten bar to irregular surfaces such as pipes or pump supports.

BCI’s PolSseam spray liner provides a superior alternative. Capable of sealing around any size and shape of the lining system, it’s considerably more efficient than any batten bar. More importantly, it can easily seal and adhere to uneven surfaces and doesn’t require constant maintenance or repair work. 

Fuel Trench Repair & Improvement

Spray liner coating on a fuel containment trench. Military fuel trenches tend to be among the most critical infrastructure on military bases. When they’re not working properly, people notice. Even worse, if they need to be taken offline for repairs, it can cause everything to grind to a halt. 

With BCI’s sealant, you can quickly and easily seal any cracks and voids that appear in concrete trenches. Highly durable and with a long life expectancy, our coating is trusted around the world. More importantly, using BCI sealant to repair your fuel trench means you can do so without downtime — everything continues as it ordinarily would. 



Spray Coating Sealant for Military Applications

BCI has a long history of working with both the public and private sectors, providing spray coating that improves equipment longevity, provides quick and easy repairs, and helps prevent downtime. From concrete containment to liner connections, our solutions are designed to keep you up and running in a field where every second counts.

Basic Concepts is the world leader in industrial spray coatings and secondary containment, meeting your industrial and government requirements. Please call to discuss your secondary containment requirements with one of our experienced, on-staff technical sales representatives. Basic Concepts is part of the Justrite Safety Group.